December In Florida

Cooler mornings are helping me feel more festive. I hope you’re enjoying them as well.

Merry Christmas! We are officially beginning the holiday celebration.

I hit the family jackpot on Thanksgiving. My daughter and her family visited from Asheville. My youngest son and his family live near us here on the Cape. And we visited my oldest son and his family on Thanksgiving day. We ate great food and adults and kids played games. It was joyous; just what everyone needed. I hope all you readers had a good holiday. I have to say my turkey was the best one ever and I’ve been roasting turkeys for a long time. The gorgeous drink above was concocted by Mike. It’s called apple cider margarita and was a huge hit with the adults.

I’ve had emails from some of the club leaders for next year’s events, checking in to make sure I am up to the occasions. YES, YES, I am. I am thrilled to announce this is going to be my biggest year coming up. I can’t wait to see everyone’s smiling faces. We’ve all been through so much. I will be in touch with each and every one of you about your event, all in this next week.

What am I reading that I’m excited about? HELLO BEAUTIFUL by Ann Napolitano. Ann is the author of DEAR EDWARD which I totally loved. This new book is written Ann’s style and is fabulous. I can’t wait to talk to you all about it. And I just finished HANG THE MOON by Jeanette Walls. OMG. She’s back.

I’m feeling a lot better. Even though these nasty shingles are still hanging around, they are not as awful. I see the light at the end of the tunnel. My house is looking better every day. We love the floors and new walls. My rose bushes are bursting into glorious bloom. It’s life coming from the rubble. I am thrilled at the amazing resilience of the trees on the Cape. Where the trees were once bare, they have glorious new green growth.

The cats are very happy to be back in their home. Mimi and Tiny have even got used to having strange workers in the house and they don’t run and hide like the younger cats. They know it is all good.

I’m thankful for so much this year. But, honestly, I will be very relieved to leap into the New Year. So many terrific books coming in the first six months of the year. I am finally able to read and concentrate again. And I have the manuscript of Abraham Verghese’s new novel, THE COVENANT OF WATER, to get back to. I was reading it when the storm arrived. I had to put it aside and deal with life events. But look forward to getting back to it. It’s going to be a best seller and then some. Worth waiting for.

So looking forward to seeing all my reader friends and meeting new ones.

What book are you asking for this year? Is there any one that comes to mind?

I am thankful for all of you readers who have taken the time to comment on my blog and wish me well. May you all have the merriest Christmas ever!

2 thoughts on “December In Florida

  1. I am glad to hear you are on the mend and your house is getting back in order after the storm. I look forward to attending your book talk in January. I enjoy it every year. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas and a great 2023. See you in January in Estero.

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