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Robin Oliveira

Winter Sisters

I just love this paperback cover. That is so important for a book.

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Giveaway! Leading Men by Christopher Castellani

Christopher Castellani

Leading Men 

“An expansive yet intimate story of desire, artistic ambition, and fidelity, set in the glamorous literary and film circles of 1950’s Italy”

Tennessee Williams fan will rejoice. Castellani brings us a very thorough and authentic story of  what life may have been like  living with Williams in the party days. Fascinating.

I have one copy of LEADING MEN by Christopher Castellani for giveaway. Viking, the generous publisher associated with Penguin Random House will be providing your beautiful book.

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Giveaway! Winter Sisters by Robin Oliveira

Robin Oliveira

Winter Sisters

From the publisher: After an epic snow storm ravages the city of Albany in 1879, former civil war surgeon Dr. Mary Sutter begins a search for two little girls, the daughters of close friends killed in the storm, who have vanished without a trace.  

Best known for  MY NAME IS MARY SUTTER and I ALWAYS LOVED YOU, Robin Oliveira brings us a stunning thriller filled with courtroom drama that is both heartbreaking and unputdownable!


Robin Oliveira

The blizzard of 1879 was very real. It crept upon the area and devastated many families. No one was prepared. The only weather reporting then was after the fact.  So when Claire and Emma’s parents got caught out in the horrific blizzard, they had no idea they would never make it home.  And the girls, making their way through snow drifts several feet high after the storm,  did not know that the nice man helping them was truly evil.

I love historical fiction. Novels that tell stories based on real events in history are right up my alley. This one does not disappoint.

Mary Sutter and her husband were Civil War surgeons who were great friends with the O’Donnell family who lost their lives. The two girls were known to them as part of their family. And, so, when the girls went missing, Mary and her husband went looking for them. And looking. And looking. All to no avail. And then the river broke free of its ice. And the manic flooding flushed out into a terrible truth. Someone had been hiding these sweet girls.  But, who was it? That is the question.

A sensational very public trial  ensues. Emma, who is just ten-years-old, has been raped and beaten repeatedly. Someone has to be brought to justice.  But is it “The Other Man?” or “The Man?” Are they two different men? Or is it only one man?

Told in unsparing prose that probes the senses and breaks the heart, WINTER SISTERS is sure to be a big book for book clubs this season. There is a lot to talk about without even mentioning the backward politics of the era.

Mary’s mother and her niece Elizabeth return from Paris where Elizabeth has been studying violin with one of the great masters of the time. Elizabeth has another reason to wish to return home, one that is a secret. Her story is almost as compelling as the courtroom drama surrounding the kidnapping of the girls and rape of Emma.

This is an all-nigher. A gripping nail-biter.  Even with a sinus headache, I found myself reading far into the night in order to quench my curiosity. It will make your heart pound.

My review copy was provided by Viking, a division of Penguin Random House , in exchange for an honest review. I loved it.

We have copies of this lovely paperback at Copperfish

Punta Gorda

Copperfish Books

Books. Please come see us.

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Announcing A Winner!!

Melanie Benjamin

The Girls in the Picture

Thanks go out to all of you who entered my giveaway. It was a huge success. I do have one winner. Barbara Piester, you have won a copy of THE GIRLS IN THE PICTURE. I will send you an email asking for your mailing address. Your lovely book will arrive from Penguin Random House.

Melanie Benjamin has a brand spanking new novel coming out this spring named MISTRESS OF THE RITZ. I’ve had the privilege of reading a review copy. It’s wonderful!! More soon.

New Giveaway! The Girls In The Picture by Melanie Benjamin

Melanie Benjamin

The Girls in the Picture

Look what’s new in trade paperback: THE GIRLS IN THE PICTURE  is a novel that reads like part memoir, part tell-all. You film buffs are going to be gaga about this one!


Melanie Benjamin

Beginning in 1969, Frances Marion is looking back over her life. Remembering the years working with Mary Pickford and recalling their years of friendship. Setting the tone.

Flash back to 1914 when Mary and Frances first meet. You see, Mary Pickford became a huge film star. And Frances was right there next to her every step of the way. But Frances was not a movie star. Frances was the screen writer for Mary’s movies. Before and after the silent film era. Their friendship was legendary. Until it wasn’t.

Mary Pickford was a tiny yellow-haired sprite of a girl.  She was poked and prodded into stardom by her mother. I’ve no doubt that’s where the term stage -mother came from. Mary was the sole bread winner for her family.  She hardly had a moment to herself.  And then she ended up in a  bad marriage. Ugh.

Mary and Frances

Frances Marion came along just as Mary truly needed a friend. They became attached at the hip.  This friendship was bound to have ups and downs. And  so it did. Both women shot to stardom and had tumultuous lives.

Frances Marion blew through four marriages.  Mary, who married in haste the first time, fell in love with Douglas Fairbanks while they were both still married to others. It was scandalous, but, after all, Mary was America’s sweetheart. The fans decided it was a wonderful love story.

Not every actor or actress survived the transition from silent movies to “talkies.”  Some of these movie people just could not move into the future. But Mary thrived.  She and Douglas became American Royalty.  Their mansion, Pickfair, became as renown as Buckingham Palace.


Both Mary Pickford and Frances Marion have penned memoirs. Both leave much to be desired, says Melanie Benjamin.  But with her tireless research and her passion for details, she has managed to bring us what she always does: a historical rendering that compels us to want to know even more.

I have to say that I am not a fan of Hollywood; now or then. So when I heard this book was about the movies, I was not wild to read it. Having said that, I have to say that I became engrossed in the lives of these two famous women once I realized how timely this story is. You have to admit that anything to do with the casting couch is very popular right now. These women overcame the limitations of  their gender and conquered their professions.  This happened a century ago. And it’s still going on to this day all over the world, and in every profession. Time for change.

Melanie Benjamin is the best-selling author of THE AVIATOR’S WIFE and  THE SWANS OF FIFTH AVENUE.  She spoke about THE SWANS OF FIFTH AVENUE at Artis-Naples last March and a small group of us had lunch with her. She’s delightful.

I have one copy of the trade paperback edition of THE GIRLS IN THE PICTURE for giveaway. Please comment below to be entered to win. As usual, only U.S. addresses and no P.O. boxes, please. Your copy of the book is being provided by Random House Publishing Group through Wunderkind Books.

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Maurice’s Monthly Musings For February.

Welcome to my first post of what will become a monthly post letting you know what I’m up to each month. I’ll give you an idea of what’s to come. I’ll introduce you to a special book and tell you what I’m reading now. I almost let this new opportunity go by the wayside. Having missed the first month of the year already, I figured I’d missed the boat. However, this morning I decided to forge ahead.

So, what am I reading right this minute? THE EDITOR by Steven Rowley (April). What do I think? It’s marvelous.  My review will post in April. Watch for it.

Steven Rowley

The Editor

What book did I just throw down? I had picked up a review copy of Susan Choi’s TRUST EXERCISE which will be available for sale  in April.   After several chapters I tossed it to the curb. Why? It’s getting raves online already. Not for me. Probably not for you. I just found it uninteresting. No matter how well-written a book might be, it has to be INTERESTING.

Now that I’m working part-time in a wonderful Indy Bookstore, I find myself reading as much as six months ahead. It is both wonderful and yet challenging. There are some amazing novels coming down the pike for later this spring and for the summer months. But I can’t review them yet. Publishers frown on reviews too far ahead. There is a fine line.

My lecturing season is in full swing. Busier than ever visiting avid readers at their book clubs throughout the tri-county areas of Collier, Lee, and Charlotte county. Even larger groups than ever before. This is all wonderful. You can now contact me about a small club gathering inside Copperfish for a very manageable fee. Just comment below or push the BOOK ME NOW button here on the blog.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Elaine Newton at Pelican Bay last month. We spoke to a packed house and loved every minute of book talk.

Each year I’m always amazed at the sheer number of really good books that are lecture-worthy, books I can present to my readers. This year  is no exception.

I just received notice from my contact at Worthington Country Club in Bonita Springs last night.  She sent me this photo of a poster.

Worthington Country Club

Worthington Sold Out

I’ve been visiting the great readers at Worthington for more than ten years now.  It’s a joyous luncheon occasion. Linda Johnson takes care of the event and makes sure everyone has a great time. Thanks Linda! I look forward to seeing everyone next week and showing off so many wonderful books.

I had the pleasure of attending the luncheon for Paula McClain last week at the Isles Yacht Club in Punta Gorda. sponsored  by Punta Gorda Friends of the Library. Truly a privilege.

Last month also brought Andre Dubus


Andre Dubus III

to Copperfish Books where we spent an evening celebrating his amazing writing career. A  night to remember.

Now I’m marching  through  February with visits to book clubs each week.

I took a break from reading and writing yesterday to visit the Tuesday Farmer’s Market here on the Cape. Husband came along and carried the goods. He purchased squash blossoms from the local botanicals. He stuffed them with Wisconsin cheeses from the cheese guy at the market. OMG! We stopped at Cork Soakers for a light bite and some fresh sangria. A great day. This is why we live in Florida; for days like that.

Kristina McMorris, the author of SOLD ON A MONDAY, will be speaking and signing her new book this Friday evening at 6 P.M. at Copperfish Books. I can’t wait! Come on up. Please call ahead to reserve your seat now. You can call us at 941-205-2560.

Until March, I’m off to visit my pile of books which is growing each and every day!


Copperfish Books With Paula McClain And Friends Of The Punta Gorda Library

Paula McLain

Program Literary Luncheon

We, at Copperfish Books, were thrilled to attend Friends of the Punta Gorda Library Literary Luncheon at the gorgeous Isles Yacht Club.

Paula McClain

The ballroom was filled to capacity with hundreds of avid readers who came to celebrate  this yearly literary event. This year the New York Times acclaimed bestselling author Paula McClain signed her books and regaled the audience with stories of her life. She gave us great insight to the behind the scenes research for her writing.

Serena, Cathy, Jean, Paula

Copperfish Books With Paula McClain

Isles yacht club

Paula McClain signing

Sending a big shout-out to Katie Mazzi who is the Director of Friends of the Punta Gorda Library for orchestrating a hugely successful event. And for inviting Copperfish Books to be a part of this literary occasion.

Cathy Graham and Serena Wycoff, owners of Copperfish Books.

Paula has four bestselling novels and a must-read memoir about her time  growing up in foster care.


Like Family


Paula’s breakthrough novel.

CIRCLING THE SUN,  a novel of Beryl Markham and Africa is based on the life of a strong woman.

LOVE AND RUIN is her most recent novel about Hemingway’s relationship with his third wife Martha Gellhorn.

A TICKET TO RIDE is a little-known novel published before THE PARIS WIFE.

Meeting Paula McClain was a dream come true for many of the readers in the audience. Friends of the Punta Gorda Library made this dream come true.  We are all waiting with bated breath for the new Punta Gorda Charlotte Library to open its doors this summer.