Letters From Paris by Juliet Blackwell

Julet Blackwell

Letters From Paris

Aah, yet another novel set in Paris. You may say,” Another one!”   You know how much I love reading about Paris. So, yes, another.

LETTERS FROM PARIS is by Juliet Blackwell, the author of THE PARIS KEY.  She does Paris really well. She’s managed to put a mysterious mask, a new romance, and a trip to Paris to unearth it all into a big bag and pull it out of her hat.

Claire Broussard up and leaves behind in Chicago her boyfriend and her very lucrative job.  Why? To return to the seedy little town in Louisiana that she so quickly fled after the death of her mother. She’s returning to care for her grandmother who is not well. While caring for gram she discovers a broken but beautiful French mask dating back from the 1890’s, and finds it has a mysterious and secret past; buried in Paris. Grandmother sends Claire off to The City of Light to dig up all the dirt, so to speak.

Blackwell once again manages to bring us a story of intrigue laced with mystery and romance. A good one to help round up your summer reading.

My trade paper copy came from Berkley Publishing. Thanks so much guys!

The Dog Days of Summer…

I have three great books to showcase for you today. All three feature great dogs. Even though I am a big-time cat lover I love all animals. Well, most of them:) So I have chosen  three great books about dogs and the people who love them to help get you through those Dog Days of Summer:)


Lily and the Octopus

I will let you know straight away that you will need your hankie for this one. I just realized it is a novel. Nonetheless, be prepared to cry.  People who loved THE ROSIE PROJECT are raving about this one! You are going to love LILY AND THE OCTOPUS by Steven Rowley ( Simon & Schuster).


Jonathan Unleashed

Here comes another great novel featuring  dogs. JONATHAN UNLEASHED by Meg Rosoff( Viking) is  witty and smart.  Nothing like a clever romantic comedy to get you through those, yes, dog days of summer…

Julie Barton

Dog Medicine

DOG MEDICINE by Julie Barton (Penguin) is the only one of the three books here that is actually non-fiction. Julie brings a story that is first hand about depression and how a dog saved her life. Julie was young when hit by a bout of depression that appeared out of the blue for no apparent reason. She was enjoying the best time of her life.  The only thing that brought her out of the hole of depression was a Golden Retriever puppy she named Bunker:)


Many thanks to the three amazing publishers that provided copies: Simon & Schuster; Viking; and Penguin.

The Velvet Hours by Alyson Richman

Alyson Richman

The Velvet Hours

Here comes a brand new novel by Alyson Richman,  the amazing author of THE LOST WIFE.


Alyson Richman

You can tell by the lovely cover that it takes place in Paris. Here’s a tidbit from the first page.

” I moved through the rooms of my grandmother’s apartment one last time. My finger trailed over the edges of her furniture, my eyes absorbing the image of her beloved porcelains, her carved ornaments, and, lastly, the magnificent portrait of her over the mantel. The only possession of my grandmother’s that I would take with me was hidden underneath the collar of my blouse, and feeling it against my skin gave me courage.”

Here begins what I am convinced is going to be a great story. I never tire of reading about Paris and its history. I am showcasing this novel today but, I will be reviewing it closer to pub date in September. Then I will be able to give it its due:)

Berkley is the publisher and it will come out in trade paper. Look for it on September 6.

What Decadent Thing Did Maurice Do on Sunday?

I was up early and walking my new neighborhood on Sunday morning.  It has become my routine most mornings. The people I meet along the way are also out to enjoy the morning and are friendly enough to utter a good morning or, nod and smile, but do not interrupt my walk. It’s perfect.  I enjoy the flock of ibis that seem to be around most days; one morning there were actually a dozen of them suspended atop the electrical wire, such a strange and enjoyable sight with their long spindly legs.  And I usually end up passing my new favorite spot: the burrow of the tiny burrowing owls on a nearby street. For those of you who have have not  encountered these little guys you are missing the boat.  Years ago when my children were small we had a nest across the street from our home. My oldest son used to make it his business to make sure no one got too close. You see, the older owls are very fierce. They will protect their own at all costs. We’ve seen the parent owl accost a nosy human who gets just a tad too close. It’s not pretty folks.  So I am really careful not to stop in front of them or get too close. There are usually signs near the burrow letting you know what they are and not to bother them. Pretty cool.

Cape Coral

Burrowing owls

After my walk I treated myself to a NYT. A real paper. The real deal.  Not digital. Paper! I took my time and read almost every page top to bottom. I was in my glory. I had the Olympics on tv. And the local and Times at my fingertips. The NYT magazine was intriguing this week. Entirely filled with a feature on lands of terror. Now, that is not something I would usually choose to read, and certainly not on my lazy Sunday. However, I found the photos and the information so utterly compelling that I have chosen to hold on to this and keep it close. It was the first time I’ve really looked at a map to see where all of these countries actually are in proximity to other European and Asian countries. The piece is called FRACTURED LANDS. Very important.

Amor Towles

A Gentleman In Moscow

And what am I reading these days? I received a finished first edition of A GENTLEMAN IN MOSCOW by Amor Towles. I am taking my time, savoring every delicious word and sentence. Folks, this book is destined for classicdom!  It is exquisite.  I feel like I’ve won the book jackpot with this one. My friends at Viking have provided my book. I look forward to presenting this one at my lectures this fall and winter. You are in for such a treat.



Punta Gorda Gallery Walk Thursday

Punta Gorda

Copperfish Books

This Thursday evening from 5-8 the city of Punta Gorda hosts its monthly gallery walk. Shops throughout this quaint little city stay open to show off their wares and their staff. This Thursday evening Copperfish is showing off their newest hires: me and Lizy. Please stop by to meet us and talk about all the fabulous books we sell. Serena and Cathy, the owners of Copperfish will be on hand to tell you all about this amazing bookstore.  And we have some ew books to show you. We hope to see you soon!

There’s a slew of great little restaurants along the way. You can make an evening of it. And keep in mind the wine and chocolate shop ( Chocolate & Wine ) down the street is the perfect place to end your evening.

New Schedule!

Punta Gorda

Copperfish Books

I promised I would post my schedule at Copperfish, so here it is through August.  Today, August 9: 10-3. August 11: 10-3. Next week I work Monday 1:45-5:30; Tuesday, Aug. 16: 10-3; and Wed. August 17: 2-5:30. On Thursday, August 18 from 5-8 our store will be open for Gallery Walk. This happens on the third Thursday of each month. This month we are featuring our two new booksellers: me and a fabulous young lady named Lizy. So come on up and see the store and meet us all.

The week of August 21, I work 10-3 on Monday the 22nd; then on the 25th and 26th I work 10-3 as well.

Finally, on Monday, August 29, I work 2-5:30; Wed. 31st 10-3; and Sept. 1, I am in from 10-3. I hope to see you at some point. I am still settling in. We are in the process of ordering more hot new books. And, OMG! I am so excited about the fall…

Just a note on closing. I posted a giveaway of THE GIRL WHO SLEPT WITH GOD. When I posted the winner for some reason it gave me last year’s hardcover list. Jill, you are the winner of the trade paper and the book is already in the mail. Dianna, your name was on the entries for last year. You did mention you had already read the book. So I am sure you understand why you are not the winner of the trade paper. The hardcover was last year. This post does not even exist anymore. Sorry for the confusion. It happens.

Okay, I have gone on enough. Have a great reading day!

Winner of….


The Girl Who Slept With God

Announcing the winner of THE GIRL WHO SLEPT WITH GOD! Jill Ducatman, you’re my winner today. Congratulations. I think you are in for a treat.

Thanks go out to Penguin for providing the book for giveaway. Thanks guys.