It’s January2020. Maurice’s First Musings Of The New Year.

Before I get to January I just will post one photo of Christmas morning  in St. Thomas.

Christmas Morning

Months and months ago we booked a holiday cruise. This long before we bought our new house. So, off we sailed to the Caribbean a few days before Christmas. We were bound to relax. It was the most relaxing vacation we have ever taken. And we met some delightful people. We opted for a dining table for eight. My husband is a social butterfly and he loves chatting and meeting new people. There were four couples including us. One couple from Great Britain, one from Alabama, and one couple born and bred in Bermuda. Each couple brought something special to the table. We loved spending the end of each day with them.  Some at sea days Jack and I found comfy chairs by picture windows and sipped coffee and read our books as we watched the waves ebb and flow. Some days we read our books and watched movies in our cabin. And best of all were the naps. Oh yes, many, many naps. Divine.

We are now settling into our new home. Although the kitties were very nervous during the actual move, they have all decided to like the new house. They especially love racing through the house from front to back porch.

Front Porch

They also like that I still have plenty of plants and orchids for them to hide behind as they watch unsuspecting birds and lizards. How stressful is moving? They say death and moving are the two most stressful things we do. And it’s going to take time and patience to get everything unearthed and placed just so.

Now let’s get to January. OMG! Is it really January? I have hit the ground running. I am back to work at Copperfish Books tomorrow. And can’t wait to see everyone and help them greet the new year.

My book lectures begin on Tuesday with a visit to Quail Creek on Tuesday and then to Bonita Springs and Pelican Nest later in the week. Boom. Then it’s nonstop for months. All good.

Tell Me A Story

On Monday, January 13 I will be with Copperfish Books as we present an afternoon with Cassandra King Conroy. She’ll be speaking and talking about her new book, TELL ME A STORY. You do not want to miss this. Visit our website for more details. I believe there are a couple tickets left.

After one year I am finally going to be able to hand sell AMERICAN DIRT by Jeanine Cummins.  I received this manuscript last January and immediately almost lost my mind with excitement. Finally, those of you who have put up with my ravings are going to see for yourselves.

Me with my finished copy of AMERICAN DIRT.

Amy Einhorn sent me a finished copy just before Christmas complete with a nice bottle of red wine. We will toast Amy and Jeanine on January 21, pub date. The biggest book of the year! I could not resist taking this selfie, straight from the box.

Later this month I will attending a luncheon for Marie Benedict. She will be talking about her new novel,

Lady Clementine

LADY CLEMENTINE, which you will be able to purchase from Copperfish Books tomorrow! My review will run after the luncheon..


Christmas Cheer!

Book Christmas Tree

I’m writing today to send Christmas cheer to all my readers.  I’m so grateful for every one of you.  You make ME a better reader!

What am I taking to read on our cruise? I’ve just begun

All Adults Here

ALL ADULTS HERE by Emma Straub. Comes out in the spring. And, I have a review copy of THE GIRL IN WHITE GLOVES. I will be doing a giveaway of this one in a couple months. Stay tuned and watch for it. I also have several upcoming novels loaded on my ipad.  See novel above. So, I am set.

I’m wishing you each receive at least one wonderful book as a gift. And I hope you are surrounded by friends and family.

I spent some time at our new house today. I have many bookcases and am trying to figure out where each one will go. It’s not as easy as I thought. But I can’t wait to see all my books on their shelves. The kitties are getting antsy. They are not fans of moving. In fact, they all hate it. But we are taking precautions to make sure they transition with as little stress as possible.

The next time you hear from me will be from the new house in the New Year. So, Merry and Happy!



My Favorite Books of 2019

It’s so hard to choose. Here is the list of the books I enjoyed the most. In no special order.

On The Plain of Snakes

When shoppers overhear me talking to another customer about ON THE PLAIN OF SNAKES  at Copperfish, they can feel the excitement in my voice. I am so passionate about this non-fiction book. You simply have to read it!

Olive, Again

I love the crusty character of Olive Kitteridge. Now she’s older and somewhat wiser, and I love her even more.

Giver of Stars

Jojo Moyes brings us a wonderful insightful novel about the traveling librarians here in our country during the depression. This one is a real keeper. Moyes has really stepped it up.

The Summer Guests

I loved THE SUMMER GUESTS so much that I believe every single soul living in coastal areas that are prone to hurricane evacuations should be required to read this wonderful novel.


AKIN is beautifully written and a delight to read. The old professor and the eleven-year-old boy will have you rolling on the floor in stitches, laughing your head off. It’s also quite poignant.

The Women of the Copper Country

Based on the life of Annie Clements, THE WOMEN OF THE COPPER COUNTRY is a real force filled with strong women and real history.

Chances Are

Richard Russo has knocked it out of the reading park with CHANCES ARE.  Most of you will remember the summer of 69. Here it is in all its glory.

Tell Me A Story


What a joy that Cassandra King Conroy has decided to share parts of her life with Pat Conroy with us. I savored every page.

Save Me The Plums

SAVE ME THE PLUMS is a book to truly be devoured. And so I did.

Taylor Jenkins Reid

Daisy Jones & The Six


I am smiling right now just thinking about how much I loved DAISY JONES. Do not miss this one.

The Winemaker’s Wife


My husband and I love good champagne. Harmel serves THE WINE MAKER’S WIFE in a bubbly glass filled with secrets and the  French wine country. Just perfect.

Some Really Great Books For Gift-Giving

Some years I make lists upon lists of books for all ages. This year I have one list. And it’s a good one. In no special order.


EDISON by Edmund Morris  is the perfect book to give this holiday season.  Historians will need it for their libraries. Florida residents will want it for their Florida bookshelves.  And since Edmund Morris is a Pulitzer-winning biographer, everyone else on your list is going to want this book too. Boom!

The Women of the Copper Country

THE WOMEN OF THE COPPER COUNTRY by Mary Doria Russell is a story after my own heart.  It’s for all women. History in a novel. Love it!

The Starless Sea

I loved Erin Morgenstern’s first novel, THE NIGHT CIRCUS. Now she’s back with another blockbuster that will be great all wrapped up and under the tree.  Good for guys and ladies, young adult. Step out of your usual zone and into the magical world of this compelling novel.

Christmas In Vermont

CHRISTMAS IN VERMONT by Anita Hughes is the perfect little novel to brighten up your holiday craziness.  This one is her newest. I fell in love with CHRISTMAS IN PARIS a few years ago and have eagerly awaited each holiday book. A plus is that they are always trade paper. I usually save it for Christmas week.

Our Better Angels

The holidays tend to bring out the best qualities in  most people. OUR BETTER ANGELS is all about kindness and it’s a wonderful gift…


Each holiday I ask for one book. This is it this year. I could so totally move into these homes. This for the book lover on your list.

Tell Me A Story

Everyone loved Pat Conroy. And everyone is going to fall in love with TELL ME A STORY written by his widow, Cassandra King Conroy.  She shares with us parts of their life together and it is a force.

Giver of Stars

Just when I was actually growing weary of Jojo Moyes, along she comes with a fabulous new novel that is based on history and is about books and real people. A great book to find under the Christmas tree.

Most of these books are available at Copperfish Books.  The new hardcovers are discounted 20%.  One gift that is always wildly appreciated is a Copperfish Gift Certificate. They are available in any denomination you choose.  Great gifts for the kids to give their teachers, too.

Copperfish G/C

This is but a sample of the great books of the season. There truly are books for everyone.

Maurice’s December Musings

Copperfish Gals

SBS Copperfish Gals

For me, Small Business Saturday truly kicks off the holiday season. This past Saturday was a stellar day for us at Copperfish Books. Our loyal customers were eagerly waiting for us to open the doors. Such a rush of happiness and joy to have a store filled with book-loving shoppers  eager to participate in the biggest holiday shopping day of the year.  They came from near and far. Barbara from Naples, it was such a pleasure to see your radiant smile in the crowd. You truly snagged some of the season’s best books.  Thank you for spending your day with us!

literary candles

December is usually all about the holidays and family.  However, since we’re moving into our new house at the end of the month, December is a lot different for us this year. For one thing we are not putting up any decorations, nor are we having a tree. I will miss the tree and look forward to having a real tree in our new house next year. The other big thing is that we will be on a cruise during the week of Christmas. Will not be with family. This is a first. But this year we needed to do something special just for us. Since our anniversary cruise over the summer was cancelled due to the new travel restrictions on cruise ships in Cuba, we decided to go all out and so I booked this cruise never dreaming we would be buying a new house so soon. Man oh man. But we are looking forward to relaxing and having someone else pamper us. We’ve booked massages and special dinners and plan to spend Christmas Day on St. John exploring the island.

In the midst of all this excitement, I’m working diligently on my winter Book Talks. I have some fabulous books to present and am looking forward to seeing all my book friends. January is going to be a HUGE month for me. And for books. Some of my favorites are coming out in January. Can’t wait.

As I pack up the house and all the books, I have a helper: the Fabulous Miss Mimi.

Fabulous Miss Mimi

And Kiki is making sure all her favorite stuffed mice get packed. Every time I turn around I am finding another mouse in the bottom of a big box. So cute.


I want to mention a big book that just came out.

EDISON is the perfect book for gift-giving this year! It’s great for everyone. Thomas Edison lived here in our backyard. So much in this part of Florida is dedicated to this brilliant man who gave us so much technology. We have copies of EDISON at Copperfish and they are 20% off.  You need this book!

I hope you get the chance to visit us at Copperfish this holiday season. We have such unique and fun gifts and books. And we have the best booksellers  who can personally recommend books just for you.  And don’t forget that there are unique little shops right next to us as well as great little eateries. If I don’t see you during the holidays I hope to see you when I visit your club this winter.

Book Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays. And, as always, I wish you all a good book!

Shop Small Business Saturday at Copperfish Books

Punta Gorda

Copperfish Books

Come in and shop local at Copperfish Books. This is by far my favorite day of the year at the store. This is one of the reasons I work at an Independent Bookstore. We’ll be serving champagne mimosas and treats. We have gifts to give way. Look at this great coupon you’ll  want to take advantage of.

Great Coupon


We have unique and bookish gift items for everyone on your list.

Bookish stuff

This is a great time to get started on your holiday purchases. And to have fun. We know how to have fun!


I’m looking forward to showing off my favorite books of the seasons.

I have a book for everyone.  All of us have our favorites to talk about. But we have much more than books. We even have sox. Literary sox; great stocking stuffers, pardon the pun:)

literary candles

Small business Saturday is the perfect way to support local businesses and get your personal recommendations for gift-gifting. We have convenient parking located directly behind our store. You’ll find us on the corner of U.S. 41 North and West Marion Ave. Hope to see you tomorrow. Oh, and by the way, there are other unique gift shops right next door.


Capiz boxes & ornaments

Party Coasters
















Crisp Creperie is the New Kid in Town!

So inviting!

I’ve been wanting to have lunch at this new place in Cape Coral.  The festive bright orange umbrellas out front of the cafe beckoned.

This is the scene that greeted us as we approached this oh-so-atmospheric little cafe. So bright, so cheerful, and I immediately began to smile.

Great outdoor seating.


Upon entering, I loved that everything was so pristine. Not only that but everything is so welcoming, from the cheerful staff to the warm setting. We spotted the stools at the counter and immediately gravitated to them so that we could watch Chef Debi work her magic.



Alex, our very knowledgeable server,  explained  that everything on the menu is made from scratch.  By then we wanted one of each crepe.  Alex brought out this amuse-bouche complimentary to start with.  Liquid delight. Served cold, melon soup with a balsamic reduction that lit up our palate just as intended. Great start.



We  split an order of Herb Gougeres. These puffs of deliciousness were infused with manchego cheese sauce that exploded in my mouth. These were a new food for me and I absolutely loved them.

Herb Gougeres with Manchego Cheese Sauce.


We each chose a different crepe and decided to share.  I opted for the Seafood Crepe while Jack decided on The Arti. The Seafood Crepe

Seafood Crepe

Seafood Crepe

was filled with fresh seafood and finished with a mushroom and tarragon sauce. There is also mozzarella and parmesan.  The Arti includes artichoke tapenade, turkey, red peppers and spinach. We both would have licked our plates if we were not in public. Truly.

Alex delivers our crepes.

We had talked about NOT having dessert before we got started. That quickly became a non-event once I spotted the Lemon Crepe. We decided to share. We did not have the homemade ice cream but it’s available and I’m told is amazing like everything else. Do not forget the sweet crepes.


Chef Debi with the Lemon Crepe


Crisp  Creperie opened  in The Coralwood Mall two doors from the theater this past summer.  Chef Debi  Hernandez is a classically trained French Chef from Seattle who’s already well-known and successful  through her Food Truck business in that region. We are so lucky she’s decided to bring her uniqueness to our area!

Food Truck

Food Truck


Jean Le Boeuf visited Crisp Creperie in July and gave them a three star rating. She loved everything.  And so did we.


News-Press Review

The business is available for catering. They will come to you or, you can book at the restaurant. It’s a unique and delicious way to celebrate a special event in your life or to jazz up an everyday affair.

Dining at the Creperie is more than merely having a meal.  I know I felt transported to another level and with the atmosphere, the music, and the fabulous food, well, it was more of an experience than just going out to lunch. Really cool to sit at the counter and watch Chef doing her magic creating the crepes on the three crepe makers. You can’t see that just anywhere.

I’m always looking for a new dining experience, and this one was fun and delicious.  Thank you Chef Debi and your friendly crew. See you again soon!