Eve In Hollywood By Amor Towles

Amor Towles


EVE IN HOLLYWOOD by Amor Towles is a continuance of the wildly popular RULES OF CIVILITY. It is only available in e-book form.  It’s short and to the point, but, still is written in the same undeniably beautiful prose Towles has become famous for.

When Towles finished writing RULES OF CIVILITY he couldn’t quite get used to the fact that he had left one of his main characters hanging. Wanting to know where Eve would end up on her travels, he began writing this novella. How lucky are we that he did.

Towles has Eve on a train heading to Chicago when this story opens. She meets a man on the train who is going to live with his son after dealing with the death of his wife. Quickly, you’ll find that both these people are on the verge of great change in their lives.

The tone is set early on for the sophistication of this story. But what is the story really about? That’s what we want to know. What is Eve up to?

I am seeing more of these novellas, almost teasers, being released in e-book form only. They are an inexpensive way to perpetuate the writing of great authors. Take advantage now of this great offer. $2.99 is all it costs to be in the midst of the writing of a great author one more time.

The nice people at Penguin sent me a link to the e-galley. Thanks again, guys.

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