Highlights From This Season:2023

I love this picture of me with two winners of review copies of Abraham Verghese’s upcoming amazing novel named THE COVENANT OF WATER. These lovely ladies are from the Highland Woods community in Bonita Springs.

Some of the amazing readers from The Vistas book group in Bonita Bay in February, 2023.

The readers from Palmira’s book group in February.

A few of the readers from the Verandah book group in Fort Myers in February.

I was excited to present a few copies of Abraham’s upcoming novel to readers this season. I wish I had had copies for giveaway before February but I did not. These copies arrived from the publisher on Abraham’s nod. And we all are so anxious to have this novel out in the world for all to read. May 2. Abraham spent almost a month in the recording studio making his own recording of his book. I can’t wait to hear it.

Here’s a photo of Abraham in the studio surrounded by pictures of his mother for inspiration.