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I am now able to bring my informative and fun book presentations to you. I can visit your club house or home with the hottest most talked about books of this and past seasons.

This is a great way to make sure your group is on top of what’s hot in publishing. As many of you know I am in touch with the leading publishers and agents.

You can contact me at for booking or fill out the form below. My fee per person is less than you would spend for a paperback book. I would love to get you on the books for next year. Hope to hear from you soon!March 2 Worthington

March 2, 2016. I’m at Worthington Country Club in Bonita Springs, Florida. All set up and ready to present my best program ever!  Over one hundred  avid readers attended. We had a ball. This was the first year I was not able to choose just one favorite book.

If you go to my new page, Highlights from this season 2023, you’ll see updated photos. 


Here are just a few novels I put my faith in from the beginning.

Christina Baker KlineIan McEwan


Kristin Hannahurl-1.jpgurl-3.jpgurl-2.jpg

Inquire about a booking:

3 thoughts on “Book Me Now!

  1. I visit my parents every November (my mother and I share a birthday, Nov.18). We always stop in at the store and chat and buy lots of books. I love your suggested reading. Many of my Canadian friends now spend the winter around Ft.Myers. We would like to either attend a November lecture at the Philharmonic or have you come to our annual Florida Book Club meeting. We are getting together this Thursday to decide on the books for 2011-2012.

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