Homecoming by Kate Morton


I discovered Kate Morton many years ago when I read THE FORGOTTEN GARDEN. I immediately knew Morton was an amazing author. THE FORGOTTEN GARDEN is set in Australia as is Morton’s newest novel, HOMECOMING. I do love reading books set in the Land Down Under. Always have.

The above video sets up this superb tale perfectly.

This amazing novel begins in 1959, Christmas Eve, in the Adelaide Hills of Australia. Percy Summers is the deliveryman who discovers a scene so outrageous we can hardly believe it’s real. A crime scene complete with the dead bodies of a young woman and three of her four children. They actually appear to just be sleeping. The baby is missing. And thus begins one of the most shocking mystery tales I’ve read in years.

It’s so uncanny that my youngest son and his wife just returned from a two week visit to this very part of Australia. My interest was even more piqued.

I had to think about the difference in the seasons while reading the beginning. Christmas Eve, a scorching hot day. Oh, right, they are opposite us. And then I settled into this vast story, this wild tale that I could not put down.

I’ve read a lot of books about family secrets. A lot of them. They always seem to attract me. I truly believe most of us have more than one secret in our family. But this family takes the cake. No one is who they appear to be. I love it. I spent most of the book paying attention and trying to figure it out. Just when I thought I had, nope.

The house itself is a big character in this novel. Morton has nailed the scenery in this part of the world. She’s brought it all vividly to life. I imagined myself in the gardens and watching the birds and reading the journals that helped solve the puzzle of this family.

I am still thinking about these characters and this novel. This is a real keeper. I loved it. My digital review copy was made available through NetGalley and Harper Collins publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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