Our Souls At Night The Movie

Okay, here is the trailer for the movie edition of OUR SOULS AT NIGHT, the must-read book from the late Kent Haruf.  I don’t know about you but I love Robert Redford. At least, I used to. I can take or leave Jane Fonda. However, I thought they would make a great couple for this movie. I saw an interview on The Today Show this morning. Matt Lauer speaking with Redford. I was so put off and disappointed. It was all Redford could do to be in the moment. He sat sipping a cup of coffee and telling Matt how he is not a morning person. Then he was asked questions that he refused to answer saying just that you should see the movie. Well, what you should do is READ this magnificent little book that is sooo big. The story is wonderful. The movie, I’m just not so sure. Doubtless, there will be those people who have not read the book. They may love the movie.  On Today they showed a snippet with Jane’s character asking Redford’s character a critical question. Her voice just didn’t seem right for this.  Sometimes a book just should NOT become a movie. You decide. I would love to hear your comments.

Kent Haruf

Our Souls At Night

Here’s my review of this amazing little book.


OUR SOULS AT NIGHT, touched my heart. It sang to me from the first paragraph. I had no idea what to expect. That’s the beauty of Haruf’s work. He throws in stuff that seems unlikely. When the first paragraph went like this: “ And then there was the day when Addie Moore made a call on Louis Waters.” This was not just any visit, though. You see, Addie had a little something special to ask of Louis. And these were not just any two people: they both were older folk who had lost their spouses, recently. They were lonely.  And Addie finally asks Louis, after much skirting of the issues, “ I wonder if you would consider coming to my house sometimes to sleep with me.” Now the story truly gets going:)

Kent Haruf was blessed with his innate ability to use dialog to tell his stories. And to bring his simple characters to life. In OUR SOULS AT NIGHT, he tells the story of Addie and Louis, and their lives before and after their spouses pass away. It makes me think of all the lonely people living alone who may not have to be. People live lives of quiet desperation. Everyday, everywhere. We each need someone to share our lives with in some way or form.

I kept thinking about how as young people we are scolded about what we wear, who we hang out with, and what we do. Then, when we are older, it is once again, about who we hang with and what we do. Neighbors are nosey. Adult children poke their noses into our business and make assumptions, just because we are senior citizens. Old people have the right to live their lives as they see fit, as long as they are physically, mentally, and monetarily  able. Amen

We watch this lovely story become tense as children jump into the huddle and make a mess. And neighbors jabber away over fenceposts because they have nothing better to do, or are just jealous. Haruf handles his last novel with the poignancy and spare prose; all lovely and I find I will keep OUR SOULS AT NIGHT, to reread over and over again!

My review copy came from Random House, and I am so blessed to have it.  The opinions are all mine.


9 thoughts on “Our Souls At Night The Movie

  1. I felt the exact same way about the interview. I frankly think they should have chosen two other actors to do the movie. Already they haven’t made the movie as good as the book was!!

  2. In my experience, the book is always superior to the movie. That said, there are so few movies for “adults” in the theaters now, that I will probably see this one anyway. 🙂 But, I loved the book!!!!

  3. I have read this exquisite little novel three times and loved it more each time. We have discussed it at my library and in Naples with the incomparable Elaine Newton. Not for a moment did I see either Jane Fonda or Robert Redford in these roles. They are simply too “glamorous.” While reading the book I visualized just plain, ordinary people like us – if I may call us that. Folks you’d meet on the street in any small town. I feel already that this film will not in any way do the book justice and I’m so sorry because this was one of my favorite books of all time.

  4. Thank  you for that post ! Will look forward to watching IT.

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  5. I couldn’t agree more. I loved this book. And I admit I am usually disappointed when a great book is made into a movie. But I too thought yeah, Robert Redford. After this morning’s interview I will not be seeing the movie. I can’t bear to see this great read turned into a lackluster, so so, just give me my paycheck kind of movie.

  6. I am reading this now for our book club which is meeting 9/28/17. It is very interesting and I agree with the comments that there are a lot of lonely people out there.
    Another interesting book about elderly maintaining independence which I recently read is They May Not Mean to, But They Do by Cathleen Schine. I enjoy reading your blog.
    Thank you! Pat

  7. First of all, thank you for your very honest assessment of the Redford interview & the actors chosen for the roles. It is truly refreshing to hears such a forthright assessment. I have found “Our Souls at Night” to be one of those novels that stays with me-truly a work of beauty.

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