Sold On A Monday by Kristina McMorris

Kristina McMorris

Sold On A Monday

This wonderful new novel by Kristina McMorris had a cover worth a thousand words. It sure drew me in. The story and writing kept me reading…

SOLD ON A MONDAY was inspired by an actual newspaper photo from the 1930’s.  Times were tough then and that was a gross  understatement during the Great Depression.  McMorris decided to devise a story around the story. And boy oh boy has she got a winner.

Ellis Reed  is looking for a big story. He needs something to help him get out of writing a society column in the paper.  That’s women’s work.  He’s depressed.  He comes across a sign on a porch which says, 2 kids for sale.  He takes a photo. Never intending to actually expose these people in print. But the picture gets away from him and before he knows it this picture is getting a lot of attention.


Actual Sign

The photo to the left is the actual newspaper photo with article that ran in the local paper. There were 4 children here. The novel has two. Takes your breath away.

Who is Lillian Palmer? She works as secretary to the editor of the paper where Ellis works.  And she is harboring a secret that she fears could lose her her position at the paper.


Kristina McMorris

I have it on good merit that McMorris has been in touch with one of the children who was for sale. This woman is now in her 70’s and I sure hope we hear more about her.  What a story.

This novel is available in a trade paperback form; perfect for book clubs. I was able to pick up my copy at SIBA compliments of Sourcebooks Publishers.   We have it in stock at Copperfish Books in Punta Gorda.  We would love to see you there soon.

2 thoughts on “Sold On A Monday by Kristina McMorris

  1. I chose this book for our October book club and my group enjoyed reading it. We had a lot of good discussion!
    I’d love to know what happened to the children in the actual picture!

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