The Four Books I Recommend For Gifts Right Now


HORSE is my favorite book of the year. But coming in really close is TOMORROW and TOMORROW and TOMORROW by

Gabrielle Zevin.

Lessons In Chemistry

LESSONS IN CHEMISTRY was delightful and very smart.

MURDER ON THE VINE is perfect for the mystery lover on your list.

It’s also wonderful for the reader you know who loves to travel. A Tuscan murder mystery complete with amazing food!

I usually review a holiday book. This year I did not find one I loved. Last year Mary Kay Andrew presented us with a wonderfully light book called THE SANTA SUIT. So I shall add a link to this review. It’s that good!

The Santa Suit

My shopping is all done. Now I’m busy working on my events for January and reading to try to stay ahead.

Thinking about the really cold holiday we are going to have. Looking forward to it but glad it’s not that cold all the time.

I’ll be back on Christmas Eve with some words of reading wisdom.

2 thoughts on “The Four Books I Recommend For Gifts Right Now

  1. I was so disappointed in Tomorrow and… I loved the Storied Life of AJ Fikry and, while I applaud authors for not sticking to formulae, this was just too long and drawn out for me to finish. My favorite of the year was definitely Lessons in Chemistry, though. And I ought to give Horse another look because I love Brooks’ writing. Have you read “North” by Brad Kessler?

    • I have not heard of NORTH but will check it out. Sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy TOMORROW. I thought I would not, but ended up loving it.

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