Simmering In September!

It seems like just yesterday I was writing my August post. I knew August would fly by. Now it’s gone. Bye, bye summer. However, really, this is SW Florida where it’s almost eternally summer. We have had the hottest and most humid August I can recall. So many scorching days with heat index above or hovering around 100. Ouch! Just the other afternoon I told my husband I have become like a hot house English rose with white skin that might wither if subjected to the brutal sun of this summer.

I will say our roses love the heat and the rain. Yes, we are finally getting rain almost daily. And, oddly enough, it comes mostly in the evening or during the night. Yesterday morning we woke to a gentle rain. This is a good thing.

I received a review copy of a book that comes out in December. THE LIGHT PIRATE by Lily Brooks-Dalton will be published by Grand Central. There is a blurb on the front of my copy by Colson Whitehead. That speaks volumes. When I saw that the story takes place in Florida I was very intrigued. It’s about climate change. And it takes place on the east coast of Florida near the Florida Keys. Honestly, I absolutely loved the book. The writing reminds me of WHERE THE CRAWDADS SING by Delia Owens. The book is powerful, the characters unforgettable, and the story scared the bejesus out of me. Review will air closer to pub date. My readers who I will be visiting in November will get an advance treat as I present this book as one of my favorites.

The Light Pirate

I met a dear friend from Naples here on the Cape at Cafe You, one of my favorite restaurants for lunch the other day. It was her first visit and she loved it, of course. The lattes were the best you will find anywhere in SW Florida. We could not resist one of the specials from Chef Sam: flatbread. Add a cup of potato/leek soup; put a fork in it and we’re done.

Mushroom and fennel Flatbread

I’ve been reading a lot of books. And there are a slew of good ones coming out soon. I’ve just started THE MARRIAGE PORTRAIT by Maggie O’Farrell, and I can tell right from the get-go that it’s going to be very important. After all, a couple years ago we all fell in love with her HAMNET. LESSONS by Ian McEwan is coming in a couple weeks. He is a very powerful author and this will be my next read.

The Deluge

THE DELUGE is a novel of climate change that comes out in January. I received a physical review copy and decided to actually read it on my Kindle because, get a load of this, it’s 880 pages long. Yes. That’s a lot of pages. Stephen Markley wrote his first novel a couple years ago: OHIO. It was received with much acclaim. I am excited to read this new one. But the length……

There are a lot of books out now or coming soon dealing with climate change. It’s on everyone’s minds. And rightly so. Writers are also coming out with books with the pandemic as a theme. Now that we are a bit out from it they are easier to read.

The kitties are all doing fine. They nap a bit more than usual in the heat. Great Aunt Tiny (GAT) is seen here begging for petting. She’s our oldest Siamese cat and her real name is Siena. We call her Tiny because she has a very small head.

GAT (Siena)

I wish you all a bundle of good books to read. Happy end of summer!

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