The Last Dress From Paris by Jade Beer

The Last Dress From Paris

I’m still basking in the glow of this marvelous new novel that takes place mostly in Paris. It has a lot to offer. First, there is Paris. That’s huge in and of itself. Beer does an amazing job of bringing The City of Light vividly to life. It’s a heartbreaking love story. It’s about complicated relationships between mothers and daughters. And it’s about couture, namely Dior. It’s also filled with mystery.

We’re tossed back and forth in time from the 1950’s to present day. London and Paris, but mostly Paris. In 2017 in London Lucille’s grandmother, Sylvie, sends her to Paris on a fashion hunt. She’s been thinking she wants to see a dress she once owned, one last time. Lucille accepts the challenge having no idea her life is about to change forever.

We are in 1952 where we meet Alice Ainsley. She’s the young wife of Albert, the British ambassador to France. They’ve been married only a year and yet Alice is feeling neglected and unloved. Something is just not right.

Sophisticated prose and engaging and endearing characters. A magical sense of place with gorgeous gowns filled with mystery and longing.

I borrowed my copy of THE LAST DRESS FROM PARIS by Jade Beer from the local library. All opinions are my own. I was so pleasantly surprised to be almost instantly drawn into this very unique world Beer has conjured. I think you will be too.!

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