The Tiffany Girls by Shelley Noble

THE TIFFANY GIRLS is off and running right from the start. My kind of book! And when I say running, I’m not kidding. A young woman in Paris is literally climbing out the window of the flat she shared with her infamous father, just as the police are banging on the door. They are looking for him. He’s long gone and she’s high- tailing it to the seaport to escape to America.

The time period is 1899. Emilie Pascal is the young woman who is fleeing Paris. Her good -for-nothing art forging father has ruined her reputation and has actually fled the scene of the crimes leaving her behind to take the heat. All Emilie wants is to work with Louis Comfort Tiffany, the great glassworks artist. After breeching the Atlantic ocean with barely a dime left, she arrives in NYC and immediately finds her way to the Tiffany studio on Fourth Avenue.

Way back in this time period women’s work was not thought as important as mens, and, so, the Women’s Division of Tiffany’s separated the men from the women. Of course they did. But these artists are all so gifted. Artists all. When Emilie shows up unannounced at the door, she had a forged letter of recommendation in hand. She finagles her way in…. There she meets Grace Griffith who is the best copyist ever and is living a double life. And Clara is the manager here and her job is to make sure they all work like clockwork.

The Women’s Division is working so diligently because their deadline is the Paris World’s Fair where Tiffany will be presenting the largest expo ever. Did you hear where this is? Paris, the very city Emilie is fleeing from.

In this entertaining and provocative new novel from Shelley Noble, you’ll be entranced with art and you’ll be thrilled to watch as the glass ceiling is broken again and again.

I read THE TIFFANY GIRLS digitally. It was provided through NetGalley and William Morrow publishers in exchange for an honest review. What a fascinating story based on real historical events. It’s a real powerhouse. Great for bookclubs.

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