It All Comes Down To This by Theresa Anne Fowler

It All Comes Down To This

Warning: This amazing novel takes place in Maine. Boom!

I love good novels set in Maine. Most of you who know me do realize I have never set foot in the state. But I sure hope to one day. Reading about Maine in various forms makes me happy.

Theresa Anne Fowler is one of my favorite novelists. She’s so darn good. This new book takes us into the world of the Geller sisters who are trying to catch their breath and move on after their mom is diagnosed with terminal cancer. After she passes they discover that her will is set up so that the three women will get together at the Maine cottage and spend time together one last time. Her intent is for them to sell the cottage and split the proceeds. However, stuff is going on in each one of their lives.

Beck is the oldest sister. She’s a free lance writer who is stagnating in a loveless marriage. She sees the cottage as her opportunity to move in and write her book.

Claire is the middle girl. She’s a cardiologist, recently divorced. She is in love with a man she has no business being in love with. So there is that.

Sophie is the youngest. She’s an Instagram influencer and the whole family believes she’s wildly famous and richer than Midas. Well, truth be told, she’s poor as a church mouse and drowning in debt. Oh my.

Beautifully flawed characters. Amazing scenes by the ocean in Maine. A very unlikely love interest. Three women who don’t yet know just how much they need one another.

My review copy of IT ALL COMES DOWN TO THIS arrived via UPS from the wonderful publishing people at St. Martin’s Press in exchange for an honest review. Well, honestly, I loved it and think everyone needs a copy in their summer reading bag!!

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