Out Of The Clear Blue Sky by Kristin Higgins

I have become a huge fan of Kristin Higgins over the past several years. She keeps getting better and better. And just look at this amazing cover! I’m all in.

Cape Cod, the beach, Provincetown, REVENGE. Got me. I so enjoy a great novel of revenge. When Lillie Silva is out to dinner with her husband of twenty years, she’s so happy. It’s the eve of their son’s graduation from high school. They are about to become empty nesters, and although this saddens her, she has decided to make the best of it and spring a European vacation on her husband. However, not so fast, Lillie, hubby has a surprise too: he wants a divorce. Ouch. Not expected. Shocked, really. She had no idea he was so unhappy. Out of the blue, this story becomes a witty tale of one woman’s life turned upside down.

We watch as man completely changes into a flying circus. Where is the man Lillie married all those years ago? Now she sees a man who needs to be called Bradley instead of just “Brad.” He’s become a health nut. And the woman who is bringing him so much”joy” is almost as young as his son. Melissa is this young widow. She’s wealthy beyond compare due to the circumstances of the will. The home she purchases on Cape Cod is palatial. Now she’s looking for just the right new husband. Be careful what you wish for…

As Lillie gets her grip she starts to act up. This is when I fell deeply for Lillie. The pranks she pulls on Bradley and his new girlfriend/then wife, are harmless, mostly. But they are laugh out loud hysterically funny. Higgins writes with such wit. Imagine Lillie drugging a skunk and leaving it inside Brad’s new home. Or doing something with his toothbrush…The pranks continue and I laugh until tears are drenching my cheeks.

Not all fun and games. Important yet tough topics are taken on, such as , infertility, sexual assault, and even grief. But all leaving you not devastated but fresh and aware.

This novel became a runaway for me. I did not want to leave these characters behind, though. I will tell you that the ending is great.

I read my review copy through NetGalley. It was provided by the publisher, Berkley, a division of Penguin Random House, in exchange for an honest review. I am sitting here grinning from ear to ear because I loved it that much. I think you will too.

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