Possibly Rethinking The Candidate!


Woeful Wyatt

Wyatt has become a worrier over the summer. He worries about almost everything. He is very nervous when the UPS guy comes, which is almost daily. And, when the grandkids come to swim or visit, well, he runs and hides under the covers on our bed. This would be hilarious, and there are times we have actually laughed, but he is truly scared. It’s all since the move. He loves our new home and does not want anyone to come and “move” him again:)

So, having said all this, we are seriously considering offering our marvelous Miss Mimi the president spot. Wyatt might still be available for vice. But he has just got to get himself together.


Miss Mimi reflecting on the future.

Fabulous Miss Mimi is really easy-going. Even with all the angst of terror throughout the world right now, she’s at peace. She goes inside herself and quiets herself and anyone around her. She makes good decisions. She’s trustworthy. And she’s loyal. And she’s a real hard worker. She helps fold the laundry, make the bed, captures all the ice that makes it to the floor, and she is always available for entertainment:)

We just love her and think everyone else will too!


Miss Mimi for president.

4 thoughts on “Possibly Rethinking The Candidate!

  1. Wyatt does look worried and stressed. Miss Mimi though looks very presidential! I am sure she will be up to the task.

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