Bad Summer People by Emma Rosenblum

Take a look at this summery cover. This is the kind of cover that draws me in. This is one of the things I’m looking for in a summer read.

Fire Island. Only reached by ferry. Summer residents ride bikes around the island. That’s so much fun, most of the time. But, since Hurricane Sandy blew through this community a few years ago, they raised the boardwalk three feet. Wow. Sounds like an accident right around the corner. In fact, right in the beginning of this novel, a body is found under a bike that’s careened off the unstable boardwalk. I found myself trying to guess who the dead body belonged to as well as what happened, throughout the entire story. Rosenblum does not give anything away, just slowly draws you in and keeps you guessing.

With a cast of disreputable characters and busy-bodies, everyone is suspect. Everyone is hiding something. Some secrets much more formidable than others. They all will keep you entertained and wondering what on earth will happen next.

I really felt as if I had been allowed to peer into the lives of these bad summer people. You’ll stay on this island and enjoy your evening cocktails on the deck and at the club. You’ll lunch with the beautiful people and wonder how their lives will play out.

Emma Rosenblum brings a wonderful new novel to this summer’s reading list.

I read my review copy digitally through NetGalley and Flatiron Publishing in exchange for an honest review. What a wonderful edition to my summer reading. Already looking forward to Rosenblum’s next novel.

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