The Lies I Tell by Julie Clark

Summertime is the perfect time of year for a page-burning psychological thriller. Unputdownable, brilliantly written, with characters that leap from the page. THE LIES I TELL has it all.

I became a fan of Julie Clark when I read her THE LAST FLIGHT a couple years ago. A real heart-thumper. She’s done it again with her newest novel that is on sale tomorrow.

Meg Williams has many names. She changes her identity each time she moves to yet another locale. She might be a real estate agent, a life coach or even a college student. She’s recently decided to move back home to Los Angeles. She’s become a con artist and is on a tear to get revenge on the man who ruined her life. But she’s about to come across the one woman who might stop her. Kat is a reporter who has her own agenda: to take down Meg. She’s been following Meg in secret for years; now is her chance to catch up.

I found myself wild to find out how this would end up. I could not figure it out. That is a good thing.

Make a note to put this one on your summer reading pile. You’re going to love it!

My physical review copy was provided by Source Books in exchange for an honest review. Definitely a keeper. I loved it!

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