Family Trust by Kathy Wang

Kathy Wang

Family Trust

Stanley Huang is dying of pancreatic cancer. His family is lurking like vultures. He has millions, right?  His first wife divorced him almost ten years ago. His second wife is much, much younger, and maybe she’s been digging for gold. His son and daughter both live beyond their means. It all adds up to greed. Sounds a little like THE NEST.

There’s  much drama in  Silicon Valley where this Taiwanese-American family live. Kate, the daughter, lives with her do-nothing husband and young children. He’s supposed to be starting a business.  What does he do all day? Is there another woman? Or is it just sloth?  Kate pays all the bills. Wonder how long that will last?

Fred, the son, is about to get himself in deep, deep trouble.  Trouble with work, and trouble with his girlfriend.  This is not the kind of trouble anyone wants.

Linda is the ex-wife. She is my favorite character.  She made me laugh. A woman of almost seventy, she gets involved with internet dating.  Can this even be a good thing?

Then there’s Mary, the second wife. The woman half Stanley’s age. Is she sincere, or is she  just plain conniving? You’ll find yourself wondering and second-guessing…

In the end this cast of characters are all jostling for position as the clock ticks down toward the end of the patriarch’s life. Tick, tick, tick.


Kathy Wang

With shades of THE NEST, FAMILY TRUST deserves a place of its own. But it shares the same sense of humor. And Kathy Wang is a fresh new novelist who is hitting the book world running.

Kathy sent me such a nice note of thanks recently. I had gotten in touch with the wonderful people at William Morrow to let them know how I loved the book. Kathy then made it a point to call me at Copperfish to thank me again.  She was working on a new manuscript in a coffee shop in California.. I love this girl.

My review copy came from William Morrow, a division of Harper Collins Publishing in exchange for an honest review. I loved it!

3 thoughts on “Family Trust by Kathy Wang

  1. Popped out of bed, got my cup of coffee and eagerly read today’s review. Don’t know how you manage the reading, writing, travel, work, speaking…. At the end I continued reading Just Might Like, then realized they were ads. Not like like trying to wade through all the ads clogging up my Pinterest pins; but, for some reason I was disappointed to see them. Sorry, as I’m sure there’s a compelling reason. Here in Ft. Myers, another day to stay inside and read as I’m sure it is in Punta Gorda! Happy reading, Sara Bloom >

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