The Reluctant Matador by Mark Pryor

Mark Pryor

The Reluctant Matador

THE RELUCTANT MATADOR, by Mark Pryor, is is the latest of the Hugo Marston novels, mostly set in Paris, France. I love that they are set in Paris. The first one: THE BOOKSELLER, won me over immediately. And, now with THE RELUCTANT MATADOR, Pryor is branching Hugo out into Spain. And it’s a part of Spain that I actually have visited and gotten a feel for the lay of the land: Barcelona.

Hugo Marston is the security chief at the US Embassy in Paris. He has connections, as you can imagine. So, when his friend, Bart Denum, asks for help finding his nineteen-year-old daughter who has been aspiring to model in Paris, and disappeared, Hugo is off and running.

Taking his old friend, former CIA agent Tom Green, along, they head for Barcelona where they have it from a reliable lead that Amy may have been seen with a shady character. Was Amy modeling, or was she an exotic dancer? Things are getting sticky already.

Unfortunately Amy’s father has gotten himself involved in a murder, and now Tom and Hugo are looking for more than they bargained for. Their escapades along the way, and the challenges they face will have you both grinning and grimacing. I love the alleys and avenues of Barcelona.  And totally enjoyed feeling myself back in that lovely city.

If you have not read any of the Hugo Marston novels, run right out and buy THE BOOKSELLER. You will not be sorry. It’s wonderful. A great start to a great series.

I received my review copy of THE RELUCTANT MATADOR, by Mark Pryor, from Seventh Street Books. The opinions are all my own.


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