May Musings

The best thing about May is that there are several amazing novels that will be entering the publishing world. It goes without saying that I am over the moon about THE COVENANT OF WATER by Abraham Verghese.

What a wonderful surprise that Oprah also believes in Abraham Verghese and his magnificent new novel, THE COVENANT OF WATER. Oprah, you are so darn smart. LOL.

I have fallen behind in writing and posting reviews. I will try hard to catch up. I am still reading way ahead. I need a deep breath and the resolve to just put my butt in my writing chair here at my desk, and just do it.

April was a month of birthdays and anniversaries in our family. My youngest son, Mike, and his beautiful wife, Ana, took the trip of a lifetime. They flew to the land down under, Australia, for a two week visit with friends.

Mike and Ana are showing off in front of the Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Australia.

To the right are the soaps Ana hand picked for me in Sydney and managed to carry them all the way across the world back to SW Florida just for me. They smell divine.

While Mike and Ana were so far away, The twins, Tatiana and Yahaira, had birthdays and prom.

The twins going to prom.

Beautiful Alana with a bag filled with new dresses. Such a girlie. And ten years old.

I’m working on reviews of THE HALF MOON and THE SECRET BOOK OF FLORA LEA. Coming soon.

We’re enjoying a bit of seriously cool mornings this week. Savoring them as we know what’s coming. Heat and humidity. Close up the house and read!

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