Oprah Picks THE COVENANT OF WATER by Abraham Verghese

Lordy, Lordy, look what just happened. Oprah Winfrey chose Abraham Verghese’s THE COVENANT OF WATER for her next bookclub pick. I am so excited. I have been such a champion of this amazing novel for many months now, waiting for it to become available to the reading public. The publisher, Grove/Atlantic, has been so generous with review copies so I could supply many of my readers with early reads of this wonderful book! Makes me feel as if I do know what I am doing. Oprah followed my lead, says John from Grove. LOL

4 thoughts on “Oprah Picks THE COVENANT OF WATER by Abraham Verghese

  1. Oprah must have read your review! 😀 I had already put it in my cart on audible after what you said and then listening to the sample. I can’t wait to get started. Thirty plus hours is a pretty big commitment. It will get me out walking more! Thank you. I mostly always find your favourite reads to be mine too!

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