Beyond that, the sea by Laura Spence-Ash

This is exactly the kind of cover that calls to me. I opened the pages of this fine debut novel from Spence-Ash with great expectations. Boy-oh-boy was I not disappointed. It’s such a wonderful story, unique and poignant, and filled with crystal clear characters I will never forget.

Beatrix Thompson is being sent to America to live with a strange family. Her parents, torn apart, with apprehension, did not make this decision lightly. It was, however, they felt, to save her life. But Beatrix is only eleven and she’s angry and confused. Then you realize it’s 1940 and bombs are falling nightly on the city. Surely she will be safer in America. The trip across the ocean is fraught with sea sickness, grief, and unknowing.

Upon landing in Boston, the boisterous Gregory clan greets Bea at the port and she is immediately brought into the fold. The Gregorys have two sons a bit older than Bea and she is the daughter Mrs.G has always longed for. It doesn’t take long for the thoughts of Bea’s blood family to begin to fade. It sure doesn’t hurt that the Gregorys are well- off financially. I know I fell in love with the island off the coast of Maine that they called their summer home. An entire island to themselves….

As the war rages on in Europe, Bea is falling for her new family and home. Lingering in the back of her mind she knows that when the war is over she must make her way back to her “other” home across the ocean.

The formative years Bea is with the Thompson family are those tender years of coming of age. The two brothers were both fond of Bea. And I could feel a flicker of feelings that both brothers have for Bea. How complicated can this possibly get? Very.

I think you are going to love this novel as much as I do! I feel so lucky that Celadon Books was able to send me a physical review copy in exchange for an honest review. OMG! It’s absolutely wonderful. Just buy it.

Wait until you see the blurbs inside the cover. Meg Wolitzer; Ann Napolitano; Claire Messud; Ann Packer; and on and on. Glowing blurbs.

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