A Tribute To Great Aunt Tiny

Our Siena, better known in our household as Great Aunt Tiny, passed away on Saturday. We had known for two years that she suffered from a heart condition. The week before, we had visited our animal Dr and received medication to help her heart. Those of you who have ever attempted to medicate a cat know how stressful this is on all involved. Siena was sixteen years old. She had a great life. She is missed and loved. Her special friend, Mimi, is especially sad as they often hung out together. The dynamic of our home has changed.

I adopted Siena when she was about eight weeks old. She immediately fit right into our household. Cute as a button and feisty. I have a soft spot for seal point Siamese cats. She quickly became Jack’s cat. She knew just how to wind his heart around her paws. She loved being petted and scratched behind the ears. And she loved her food. She also loved lying spread out on the back porch in a ray of sunshine.

Siena, rest in peace, sweet girl. We love you!

Young Siena.

12 thoughts on “A Tribute To Great Aunt Tiny

  1. Blessings on you for having given her such a great life. Sealpoint cats are such a delight an I’m sure she will be truly missed.

  2. Sorry for the loss of your cat. Animals are definitely family members and the are sorely missed when they pass on.

  3. I’m so sorry about loosing Sienna! We have put down several dogs and it’s a difficult thing to do!💕

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  4. My heart goes out to you for the loss of your dear Siena. My Gracie left us about three weeks ago, and we miss her so much. It’s so difficult to lose our little fur babies. Siena and Gracie brought such love and joy to our lives. We are so fortunate to have had them in our lives.

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