Maurice Is Marching Right Through March

A few of the great readers in the Palmira Book Group in Bonita Spring, Florida along with their fearless leader, Diane. I visited their group in February. Diane is showing off a review copy of Abraham Verghese’s upcoming new novel, THE COVENANT OF WATER. Lucky readers.

I’ve been zooming around SW Florida with my case filled with new books the past few months. February was a particularly amazing month. I’m so happy to be showing and telling all you readers about THE COVENANT OF WATER. It sure is being well-received. Hip hip hurray.

I’ve met many new reading friends this year. It’s a banner year. There’s something awfully special about people who love reading. It’s joyous. And I get to talk to people about the books I love. What a job.

Susie and the readers of Verandah Community in Fort Myers, Florida

Susan and Cathy with the great readers at Vistas bookclub in Bonita Bay of Bonita Spring, Florida.

Abraham Verghese in the recording studio. Recording the audio for THE COVENANT OF WATER.

I really do have a dream job. I love meeting new readers. I love sharing book information with the people who care the most. It’s so rewarding. Today I visited a club that is new to me. The readers of Wyndemere invited me into their beautiful community to talk about wonderful books. We all had a book blast. I love being able to give a few good books away. Always fun. These past couple months have quite literally flown by as I knew they would. I’m already booking heavily for next year. A blessing.

I love spring. I received a special surprise from my daughter. She’s flying down to stay with us next week. She’s bringing our grand daughter Emerson. We will get to spend some quality time together. I am almost wild with excitement.

Meanwhile, books keep arriving digitally and physically and they are begging to be read. I am dying to read them.

I have promised to post more on the blog. Now that the season will be winding down, I will be making more time for writing and communicating with you readers.

It was so warm this morning that we didn’t even open the doors and windows. No breeze to enjoy. Cats were unhappy. I can’t help but wonder how hot the summer will be. Scary. The visitors are all happy with the weather. So there is that.

So many of you have asked how my house is coming along. You’ve faithfully followed our journey during and after hurricane Ian blew through our home. My husband has just now finished painting the outside of our home; freshening it up. We are waiting on custom made hurricane proof sliders and one bathroom window. It’s all about the permitting here in Cape Coral. So we wait. We are very lucky to have gotten this far so quickly. We know there are still many people not yet living in their homes. Our hearts go out to them.

And along comes this gorgeous yellow rose; perfectly formed and complete with lovely aroma. Back from the ashes!

I will post more photos of readers with Abraham’s amazing book in the near future.

Until next time, go forth and read!

2 thoughts on “Maurice Is Marching Right Through March

  1. Hi Jean, Has The Covenant of Water been released yet? I just tried to reserve it at my local library and couldn’t find it there.

    Sue Johnson

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