January Update

Ground orchid.

This beautiful ground orchid has small delicate flowers that pop with color. We planted one in the ground in summer and it wasn’t long before the heat and sun killed it. I’m trying again, this time keeping it on the porch or in a bright window. Fingers crossed.

I looked at the calendar and was surprised to see that this month is already almost halfway over. Honestly, I would like to slow things down. I haven’t posted since Christmas. What on earth happened? For one thing I’ve been consumed by preparation for January speaking events. My first one in the New Year was on Monday where I visited a small group in a private home in the Quail West community of Naples. Was such a fun time. Finally back to doing what I love: talking about my favorite books to book lovers. Next week I visit a group in Estero and in Bonita Springs. As I drove to Naples I noticed no damage to homes. I do know that some of the homes in Pelican Landing did get water damage. The are on the Gulf side of 41. I hope all of you are getting the help you need with repairs of your homes. We are getting there.

I’m already starting to work on my February event program. So many amazing books coming this spring and summer. Yes, I’m reading summer books right now.

It’s raining off and on and going to be getting cold later today and into the weekend. This works for me. I am having a day of indulgence, something I rarely do. I’m about to enjoy a cup of salted caramel hot tea. I may even have a cookie with it. Treat. Kitties are all snuggled up on various blankets and beds. They know the temps will be changing…

My daughter in Asheville says it’s snowing there today, but not the sort that sticks. Just the kind that makes you want to crawl back into your bed with a good book.

I just had to show you the amaranth plant that came from my son Mike’s garden. The bush began flowering not long ago, totally out of season, brought on by the force of hurricane Ian. Not only is it one of the most gorgeous plants ever, it’s a delicious and healthy grain that you can use on many things. Once dried I sprinkle it in many meals.

I’ll be working on a review of a book that takes place in modern-day India. THE DREAM BUILDERS by Oindrila Mukherjee perfectly gives you a glimpse into the lives of a group of Indian people who are rich, beautiful and estranged.

I started working on this post yesterday and the weather has changed and gotten very chilly since then. The morning temps could be in the thirties. Kitties are snuggling on my bed on a soft blanket.

I just finished reading PETE AND ALICE IN MAINE by Caitlin Shetterly. What an amazing first novel.

So many amazing books coming in the next six months. I look forward to discussing them soon.

I wish all of you readers a great book!

3 thoughts on “January Update

  1. That amaranth plant is so lovely.

    I am so glad you are enjoying yourself with your bookish events and talks.

    Pet and Alice in Maine looks like something I would like. I am reading The Deluge right now. Nearly 900 pages and it’s kind of harsh.

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