I’m reading DEMON COPPERHEAD by Barbara Kingsolver. Really enjoying it. Taking my time. It’s a big one.

My recovery is very slow with shingles. Exhausting.  Ongoing. This morning I woke with vertigo.  Rough morning.  I did manage a few exercises for vertigo. Hoping to b better tomorrow.

The redoing of our house is excruciatingly slow.  Crews are stretched thin and everything takes longer. Drywall is hung. Next is repainting entire inside of house. Then new floors will b laid. Then baseboards. Then cleaning.  And much more.

Lots of stress. Deep breaths.

I’m not a fan of daylight savings. But here it is. Dark early is depressing.

I hope everyone is reading something special. Something light and fun.

I am without internet again until flooring is in.

Is it really November? Hard to believe.

14 thoughts on “Update

  1. I wish I could do something from afar for you! How about a book that I just read and loved: GREAT CIRCLE by Maggie Shipstead. One of the best I’ve read in a long time. After you finish your Kingsolver novel, try this one. Take care of yourself FIRST!!

  2. Love ready your stories and so sorry you are having a tough time with shingles. Am sure you have read West For Giraffes, but if you have not, it is a fun read and will take your mind to another place and it is a true story. Brighter days ahead.

  3. Bless your heart! I can only sympathize with you as you fight the battle with shingles and have the misery of the hurricane cleanup on top of it. Keep your chin up-better days are ahead, promise!

  4. I feel for you suffering from shingles. I had been vaccinated and then got shingles. Had it in my head for 2 months. Very painful. Then I got the “new” vaccine and hope I never get it again. And I feel badly for you that your house got ruined and it has to be repaired. Two lousy things to happen at once. I will keep you in my prayers that you recover soon and that your house will be fixed up soon.

  5. Dear Jean,
    Hoping for the best very soon both for you in your health recovery and your house recovery. One day at a time…..

  6. Dear Maurice, I wish you a speedy recovery from shingles. It often has lingering side effects. Hopefully, you will be better very soon .I wish you well. I just got Damon Copperfield from the library. I doubt if I can get through this HUGE book. Regards, Regina Guza

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  7. I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with shingles and in addition to hurricane damage! I look forward to your e-mails and your book recommendations. Mary

  8. You are very strong to handle so much adversity. I hope your books help you get through this terrible, tough time. Get well soon!

  9. Shingles are straight from the devil. I hope you feel better now. I did see that you are back in your house now!! That is huge even though I’m sure there’s still plenty to do to get it where you want it to be.

  10. I have heard of people having shingles for months. I get that. Mine have not entirely left. Long haul. So relieved to be back in house with kitties. I feel like I have lost months. Wait, that would be because I have.

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