Renovation News

It’s good news that Reno is in process for our home. However we are not able to live in our house while walls are torn out and being rebuilt. All flooring is to be replaced. In fact, we purchased gorgeous flooring this morning. It will be installed probably net week. Luckily for us we have amazing friends who set up their big RV next to our home. This way we are on site as house is brought back to it’s pre storm charm.

All this has b LLPeen quite traumatic to our four kitties as you might imagine. But I am happy to say everyone is settling in nicely. Kiki actually brought us several of her favorite stuffed mousies during the night. She was burring and meowing with each gift.

The not great news is that I am unable to hook computer up to internet for the time being. Am hoping this goes swiftly.

I’m grateful to both book clubs who so graciously agreed to reschedule events set for November. They both will be in the New Year. I am very busy just trying to get this house fixed and day to day living.

Shingles has kicked my butt. I am still enjoying the shocking pain of this awful virus but,might be seeing light at end of tunnel.

I will be so happy to see all your smiling readers faces after first of year. Currently reading DEMON COPPERHEAD and loving it.

I wish you all safety and wellness and a really great book!

7 thoughts on “Renovation News

  1. So, so sorry for what you are going through. Good thing is that you can read anywhere. Bad thing is that you don’t have as much time. Thinking of you and praying that things get corrected quickly. Marilyn Brinkworth, Wildcat Run Golf and Country Club

  2. We’re at Heritage Palms now. We were on our way down from Cincinnati and turned back after news about Ian. So devastating ; yet, a testament to the resilience, compassion , shown by those we may not know . Looking forward to future book talks and reviews .

  3. Hi Jean sorry to hear about your bout with shingles! My husband had them and it was very painful! Glad to hear your house renovation is going going well. Hope you have everything restored and back to normal soon! My boyfriend’s home on Sanibel Island was very severely damaged. He needs new walls,floors ceilings, roof,pool cage, the list goes on and on. He is looking for a contractor to do his drywall and flooring. Would you feel comfortable sharing the name of the contractor you have? He is having trouble getting people to call him back. It’s especially hard to find a contractor since he lives in Dayton, Ohio and isn’t in the area to meet with them. I’ve been reading The Fire and the Ore. Just getting started but it’s pretty good so far. I hope to see you soon in Palmira! Carol Starman

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    • Carol, Sanibel is a whole other world right now. We are grateful to our friend Richard who is a realtor with connections here on Cape. The people we’re using are not working Sanibel. Sanibel is like other side of moon. I do wish your friend luck. Hope to see you in the new year.

  4. Glad to read your post that your renovation is coming along. I now live in Ohio moving back to our hometown from Worthington CC and so enjoy all your book suggestions. Keep the faith that all will be back to somewhat normal again.

    Sara Scheffler an avid reader

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