August Musings From Southwest Florida

It sure is hot here in Southwest Florida. But not as hot as in many other parts of the country. We are most grateful for air conditioning.

I’ve been pretty lax about posting last month. I intend to make up for it this month. That is the intention.

Mercury Pictures Presents

The Many Daughters Of Afong Moy

I’ve been reading some very good but pretty light novels lately. That is coming to an end very quickly. In fact, I’m reading two very literary novels right now. MERCURY PICTURES PRESENTS by Anthony Marra and THE MANY DAUGHTERS OF AFONG MOY by Jamie Ford. I was happy to see Jenna chose THE MANY DAUGHTERS OF AFONG MOY for her Today Show bookclub pick for August. It’s most interesting to hear Ford talk about the reasoning behind his novel. I love it!

I’m having issues with my phone and sending pictures to my computer right now so that is why there is a lack of new photos. Boo hoo. Also problems with the blog and sizing of font. Working to fix this now. But I really didn’t wish to put off posting the August blog post any longer. After all, the month is going to disappear in a wee moment as it is.

I’m already preparing for upcoming fall events. Once November hits I will be off and running around SW Florida as I begin my seasonal talks…. after all, it’s all about the books.

The Librarian Spy

I just finished a wonderful historical fiction novel set in Lisbon, Portugal and Lyon, France during WW11. It’s written by Madeline Martin, the amazing author of THE LAST BOOKSHOP IN LONDON. I am so excited about this new novel. And, yes, it’s absolutely wonderful! Review to post soon.

I received a wonderful literary surprise this week in the form of an email from my friend Abraham Verghese. Yes, that Abraham: the famous author. He had the BEST news. His novel, THE COVENANT OF WATER will be published soon by the great publishing company, Grove/Atlantic. Grove has published some of the most brilliant award-winning authors of our time. I will soon be receiving a bound galley of the new novel. I can not tell you how much this means to me. Almost fifteen years ago I spent the day at the Miami Book fair with Abraham while he spoke about his novel, CUTTING FOR STONE. It was a banner day. And now a new novel will come forth into the publishing world. Wonderful news.

I’ll be talking about some of the upcoming BIG books of this coming season during the next couple months. I’m trying to get more organized so I don’t miss anything important.

My husband and I had a great visit to Asheville to visit grown kids and almost grown grandkids last month. The weather cooperated and we were able to enjoy the several porches overlooking the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains. We ate well and visited Black Mountain and had lunch. Lunch at Black Mountain Bistro was delicious as well as food for the senses. Outdoor seating under the trees was perfect as was the fried green tomato appetizer. Then we strolled from Sassafras on Sutton, my favorite bookstore in the area, up to my favorite clothing shop, C.W. Moose Trading Company. My husband and I both found the BEST tee shirts to bring home to remind us of our day on Black Mountain.

We loved hearing about the European vacation through the voices of the teenagers. And I love this photo of Emerson and Liam as they exit the most wonderful Shakespeare & Company Bookstore in Paris.

Emerson & Liam in Paris

I have plenty of catching up to do this month. I’m off and running, reading literary stuff and being grateful for everything bookish in my life as well as my amazing family. I’m sending out a huge thank you to my wonderful daughter-in-law, Ana for taking such great care of our kitties while we were away. I can’t thank you enough, Ana!

I promise to have some great reviews up very soon!! Happy reading.

7 thoughts on “August Musings From Southwest Florida

  1. I am equally excited to hear that the wonderful author, Abraham Verghese, will be publishing another book – CUTTING FOR STONE remains my favorite novel

  2. I am so pleased to hear that you know Abraham Vergese. I consider him one of my heroes. A magnificent doctor and writer. I look forward to his newest book, thanks for the alert!

  3. Thanks for the update!  I read the “Last Bookshop in London” on your recommendation and look forward to reading “The Librarian Spy” as soon as I finish “The  Jane Austin Society”.  Enjoy all of your commentary and you are spot on with your choice of summer reading. Happy August,Wilma Jones

  4. I was so interested to see your comment on “the last book shop in London“. I bought it a while ago but haven’t read it yet. I am a book addict, buy whatever I think I want to read, but I can’t keep up with my ambition😊. You have now given it priority. Thanks!

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