The Second Husband By Kate White

Kate White is the New York Times bestselling author of more than a dozen murder mysteries. Her followers wait each year with baited breath for her newest release. Well, folks, here it is. Put everything aside and be prepared to keep turning these pages because you will be totally enthralled.

Emma is happily married to her second husband Tom. He’s handsome and well adjusted and seems to be just perfect. But is he?

Emma lost her first husband when he was murdered several years ago. The case was never solved, and so there is that. And when a detective arrives on her doorstep telling her they have new evidence in her husband’s murder, and that they are reopening the case, she is flabbergasted.

Emma’s mind spins. We discover things about family members. All is not wonderful any longer. This suspenseful new novel is perfect to toss in your beach bag or to pick up for your vacation flight to paradise. And it’s just as great to enjoy relaxing at home during your staycation.

My review copy arrived from Wunderkind PR Company through the publisher Harper Collins in exchange for an honest review. You murder mystery fans are going to love this one. Cheers!

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