Portrait Of An Unknown Woman by Daniel Silva

Daniel Silva never disappoints. He’s back with another literary thriller. I am so pleased to tell you that in this new novel he brings the intrigue temperature up even higher than usual. Gabriel Allon recently retired from his position at the top of the Israeli Intelligence Agency. He’s living quietly in Venice with his beautiful wife Chiara and their twins, Raphael and Irene. Silva portrays the city of Venice as a character, one that is mysterious, lovely beyond belief, and filled with intrigue.

So what is Gabriel going to do with his days now that he’s not a spy? That all quickly comes to a head when he’s visited by his old friend Julian Isherwood, Julian of the art gallery in London. Julian needs Gabriel’s help. He’s recently received a letter from a woman who has information about a forgery of a master piece of art. And then she turns up dead. Will Gabriel take the bait?

Art forgery. Makes one wonder how many pieces of masterful art that appear on the walls of the most treasured museums in the world, are, in deed, actually, fake? So we are off and running along with Gabriel as he becomes completely enmeshed in this thrilling novel of forgery and art.

Some of the characters we have come to love are involved in this book. Some are not. I did not feel deprived of those who did not make the cut. I am sure they will return in future novels. Of course they will. The locales are exotic and many are familiar. Corsica is one of my favorites. And those wild characters on that island.

I had to rein myself in so I would not devour the book in one sitting. I stretched it out as long as possible. And loved reading the author’s note at the end.

Now I’m left eagerly anticipating the next thriller, next July, I hope.

My finished first edition was provided by the very generous publishing people at Harper Collins in exchange for an honest review. Once again, Silva has proven himself to be the most accomplished literary thriller writer of the century. I loved it!

Daniel Silva

2 thoughts on “Portrait Of An Unknown Woman by Daniel Silva

  1. Just finished it yesterday….stayed up late to do it.
    Thank you for your recommendations.
    Used to see you at Fort Myers B & N.
    Am 93 and still reading every kind of book, but mostly fiction.

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