Hurricane Girl by Marcy Dermansky

Hurricane Girl

Allison Brody spent her savings on a beach house on the coast of North Carolina. It’s small. She bought it for a good price in foreclosure. It’s all hers. She’s just left her abusive boyfriend in LA and has driven across the country to move as far from him as possible.

A week and a half is all the time Allison gets in her ideal new home. Literally! Along came a hurricane and swept it away. Thank God she had decided at the last minute to evacuate inland.

What can be worse than becoming homeless overnight? Being hit over the head with a big glass vase that leaves a hole in your head. Right!

Allison makes bad choices. She ends up back at her mom’s home in New Jersey where she hooks up with an old boyfriend who’s become a, wait for it, brain surgeon. The hook up is at the hospital where she ends up when mom whisks her to the ER for a look-see at the hole in her head. OMG.

This novel is short. So short I read it in one sitting. It’s witty and the writing is quite edgy. In fact, the scenes after the brain surgery seem so accurate. Yes, you would be forgetful, you would search for words, and you might not remember exactly how you came to have a hole in your head.

All this sounds confusing and odd. It is. But wait until the end. Oh, the end.

I borrowed this novel from the library. What did I think? I liked it. I loved the end.

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