It Happened One Summer by Tessa Bailey

It Happened One Summer


There is a very good reason for the above warning. There are many of you who may very well decide to avoid reading this rom-com. It does have a few very explicit sex scenes. However, I felt compelled to post this review for those of you who are looking for a good romance with more than just cuddling… So this one is for you. Not my usual but, I found myself stepping outside that usual…

When Piper Bellinger ends up in the slammer for instigating an out of control pool party at a local L.A. hotel, her stepfather ships her and her sister Hannah out of town. They end up in the small fishing town of Westport, Washington, the place their now deceased father was born. They have to make it or break it on their own for three months. And so the drama begins.

Piper is a beautiful and very cocky social media influencer. She’s used to the best of everything and has never had to raise a finger to care for herself. Her sister Hannah is much more subdued. When they arrive in Westport and see what they are dealing with, it’s pretty bleak. They arrive at a decrepit bar that was their dad’s. It’s been run into the ground by the caretaker and needs a lot of work: a gross understatement.

The first man Piper meets is Brendan who’s a burly bearded boat captain who was widowed seven years ago yet still wears his wedding band. These fishermen are crabbers in this area of the country: king crab to be exact. It’s a tough lifestyle. And the men are, well, tough. There is chemistry immediately between the socialite and captain, but neither are willing to admit it. You can almost see the steam coming off the page.

Rom-coms have become extremely popular the past year or so. Maybe because the pandemic caused readers to appreciate books that are not too serious, but they must be well-written and have engaging characters. This one just happens to have some hot sex scenes, but in its defense I have to say it’s between two people who end up in love. So there is that.

I really enjoyed the character of the burly captain. When he calls Piper Honey, you might just melt. He’s the kind of boyfriend you want in your corner. And, Piper, might come off as a royal flake at first, but once we get to know her, we find her real worth.

There are quite a cast of characters in the novel, from the grandmother the young women never knew to the old gentleman Piper helps up the stairs to the museum each morning.

You’ve been warned, this is not for everyone.

I borrowed my copy from the library so I’m not indebted to the publisher for any review. Boom!

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