The Brighter The Light by Mary Ellen Taylor

This new novel takes place along the Outer Banks of North Carolina. A great new summer read filled with strong women, relationship conflicts and a wonderful beachy atmosphere.

The story begins with the prologue, present day, Ruth is an eighty-four year old woman looking at what’s left of The Seaside Resort. It’s just been ruined by a devastating hurricane that blew through the North Carolina coast. She is heart broken. This place has been in her family for over a hundred years. She’s thinking back to what she knows about the day she was born. Discovered newly born and abandoned in Bungalow 28, wrapped in a pink blanket.

Chapter One skips forward to present day where we discover Ruth’s grand daughter, Ivy, has returned to Nag’s Head. She’s here to take care of business. Ruth has passed away and left the cottage to her. Ivy ran away years ago to NYC, leaving her best friend and boyfriend to fend for themselves after ditching their plans to open a business together. She’s been living in NYC and working in restaurants and making a name for herself.

Now that Ivy has returned, she’s faced with surprises, deep secrets, and a cast of characters who are not who they seem to be.

The beach scenes are very atmospheric. The characters all have complicated issues and secrets. There is a family tree at the back of this book. You might want to visit it from time to time to keep track of all the people.

My review copy was provided digitally by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Honestly, I enjoyed the read.

One thought on “The Brighter The Light by Mary Ellen Taylor

  1. I just read this during several segments of air travel. I thought it was delightful and some insight to life for the locals on the outer banks. Good read.

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