Fellowship Point by Alice Elliott Dark

This epic journey through the lives of two women who share a portion of land and who have summer homes in Maine is a vast accomplishment. The atmosphere, the backstory, the characters, all come together to create a journey of a lifetime. So different and yet so much alike, Agnes and Polly keep the torch of their friendship burning brightly even in the toughest of times. Alice Dark brings us a wonderful and deep novel of abiding friendship and love.

Several months ago I was involved in a zoom event with the author and the publishing people from Scribner. It was awesome to be able to meet Dark and hear her story. It was a long and involved journey from start to finish. But it is so worth the wait.

Agnes and Polly, two women in their eighties, have been best friends all their lives. Agnes is a spinster and Polly married young and produced several children. Two very different women. Agnes has enjoyed a very successful life as author to a well known children’s book series. She also writes another series: one that she pens anonymously; not even Polly knows. The women share property in Maine where they have built “cottages” and traveled to every summer. So many memories. The property includes a nature sanctuary for endangered birds and wildlife. It also holds sacred Native American burial grounds. Heavy stuff. This land was never to be developed. But, lately, Agnes has learned her cousin is looking to sell the property to a developer, tear down paradise and build a resort. Ugh.

Going back and forth in time we get a peek into the younger lives of both women. We begin to realize there are secrets and issues that are about to come to the surface. Brilliantly written with deep empathy and much attention to detail, FELLOWSHIP POINT is one of the most highly anticipated literary novels of the season.

As a child Dark learned she lived on land Native Americans had lived on for hundreds of years. She brings much of this to the table in this novel.

A vast accomplishment, FELLOWSHIP POINT will hit all your hot spots. Issues with aging, friendship, family, sanctity, and climate change, they are all addressed appropriately on these amazing pages.

This big, fat juicy novel is perfect for you right now.

My review copy was furnished by Scribner, a division of Simon & Schuster, in exchange for an honest review. It is fabulous!

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