Maurice Is Easing Into July

OMG! I can not even believe how swiftly this summer is blowing by. How about you? Are you reading a lot this summer? I have more stacks than usual for some reason. I have some good thrillers and murder mysteries to dive into this month. And I’m already receiving so many books for fall and even winter. It’s exciting and daunting.

This picture of Emerson jumping for joy in front of Big Ben has special meaning for our family. We spread a small amount of Emerson’s great great grandmother’s ashes near Ben a few years ago. There’s a story behind it, too.

Emerson with Ben and Mamaw!

So many people are back to traveling, many finally being able to do that European vacation they had to postpone during the pandemic. The cities are packed. My Asheville family are traveling through Europe as I write. So far, it’s a good experience. I had to chuckle over the musings about the size of rooms even in good hotels. Yes, they are tiny. Thankfully, there are so many wonderful venues to visit that not much time is spent in the room… And this is my favorite photo so far, taken in Paris last night, very late just as the tower lit up.

Liam & Emerson in The City of Light.

It’s HOT. And we’re beginning to get a somewhat normal supply of afternoon and evening thunder storms. Some have been quite severe. We go days with no rain, then get a deluge. Climate change. And, sadly, the BIG storms are starting to roll off the coast of Africa. Watching like a hawk.

We’ve planted more trees. And my son Craig gave us an off shoot from his frangipani tree. I love having trees and plants in our yard from other family members. Son Mike and his wife Ana gave me a seed from their peanut butter tree at Christmas. It is now about eight inches tall and is very green and quite healthy. These trees have fruit that tastes like peanut butter. Yes. And I will posting a picture of this little tree in a few days.

Friends of ours lost their elderly cat of almost twenty years a couple months ago. We hooked up with them on Sunday and much to our surprise there was Bruno, an adopted ten-year-old Maine Coon mix. He is friendly and very glad to share Karen and Dick’s beautiful home. They both feel on their feet with this. Happy.

Murder On The Vine wont’ be on sale until September but what a way to go into fall. Camilla Trincheri presents us with her third in a series set in Tuscany. I can’t wait to get into it.

I just finished THE SEAMSTRESS OF NEW ORLEANS and loved it. Went in not knowing what to expect and came out the other end really happy. Art, New Orleans, two strong women, and a helluva story you can sink your teeth right into.

Daniel Silva has a new thriller coming. Of course he does, it’s July.

I have photos of flowers and trees to share next week. Too much to add more to this post. And a wonderful photo of my four grandchildren who live nearby. They recently visited Universal Studios in Orlando.

I just picked up a load of books I’d requested from the library. One book was so heavy and large that they were keeping it behind the counter. Very exciting. Will share these new titles with you all soon.

For now, enjoy your weekend. Happy July!

4 thoughts on “Maurice Is Easing Into July

  1. I too am pleasantly overloaded with books for summer reading. Happily trying to keep up with your recommendations. Lucky to have such a wonderful, well stocked library.

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