Bloomsbury Girls By Natalie Jenner

I’m a sucker for a book about bookstores. Look at this. A new novel by the internationally bestselling author of THE JANE AUSTEN SOCIETY. I was immediately intrigued.

Bloomsbury Books was an old fashioned and very stuffy century-old shop unchanged and managed by men. Now it’s 1950 and time for change after the war.

Three women working at the store are working on bringing the shop into present day. Vivien lost her fiance when he was killed in ww11. She’s plugging along and doing some writing. She really wants to become a published writer. For now, she’s making a living by working in the fiction section of Bloomsbury Books. Grace is married with two sons. She’s working to support her family while her husband is recovering from a break down. Evie Stone is one of the first female graduates from Cambridge. But after being passed over for a promotion at her job by a male rival who was not as accomplished as she, she moved on to work at the bookstore and she has a plan.

Kirkus says: A rose-tinted view of early 1950’s literary feminism. In post-WW11 London three women battle misogyny at a stodgy bookshop.( I love this analogy).

Jenner does a great job of interjecting famous publishing people and writers into the story. When Vivien gets involved with bringing signing events to the store she introduces people like Peggy Guggenheim, Ellen Doubleday, Daphne Du Maurier and others. The men are not just standing by. There is plenty of drama going on in the background. Secrets that have been kept for years are broken open and people are shown to be complete strangers.

Oh, I almost forgot, there’s quite the todo about a very old book from 1827 called THE MUMMY. Evie is on the hunt for it within the stacks. It would be quite the find.

I really enjoyed BLOOMSBURY GIRLS. It’s got a lot going for it. Mystery, strong women, books, famous people in history, and some good romance.

I read my review copy digitally. It was provided through NetGalley through the publishing house of St. Martin’s Press in exchange for an honest review. I loved it!

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