Gilt by Jamie Brenner

One perfect diamond is all it takes to divide a family. Could one summer be enough to fix it?

The Pavlin family built an empire on love. As the first jewelers to sell diamond rings exclusively for proposals, they started a tradition that has defined engagements ever since. But when an ill-fated publicity stunt pits the three Pavlin sisters against one another for a famous family jewel, their bond is broken. No ordinary diamond ring, the Electric Rose splinters the sisters, leaving one unlucky in love, one escaping to the shores of Cape Cod, and the other, ultimately, dead.

The above is from Goodreads and is a good starting point.

I love Jamie Brenner’s writing. It’s breezy and fun but always about intriguing characters that sparkle and pop and hold your interest throughout each book. A lot of her books take place in Provincetown, Mass. This one is back and forth from Provincetown to Manhattan. I love that aspect. The topic is family angst and jewelry. Oh boy, I’m all in.

The Pavlin family grew their family jewelry business into a dynasty when they started the wedding campaign. They were the first company to actually make a diamond the gem of choice for proposals. The Electric Rose was a humongous diamond that was used to promote this event. When Gemma’s parents were killed in an untimely accident, her mother was wearing the diamond. From then on it was said to be cursed.

Gemma was tossed out of the family at one point. We find out why much later in the story. Her aunt has been in receipt of The Electric Rose and keeps it hidden away in a vault.

Off to Provincetown. Summer brings ranks of tourists and the small town is filled to the brim. Gemma is determined to get that diamond back. After all, it belonged to her mother. Gemma ends up hanging out in Provincetown and working on what she loves most: designing and making jewelry. With the help of one of her aunts she is able to do just that. But what is going to happen to that rogue gem?

I loved this book. Intelligent women, each with her own issues. Brenner has a way with showing her characters in the real light of day. And Provincetown is such a summertime outrageous place.

I read GILT digitally. Made available through NetGalley, and from the publishing house of Penguin Random House in exchange for an honest review. I loved, loved it. Add it to your TBR pile for summer.

Julie Brenner

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