Jackie & Me by Louis Bayard

Jackie & Me

I love, love, love this cover. Honesty, Jackie might walk off this page at any given moment.

Many people have been fascinated by the infamous Kennedy family for seemingly ever. So a lot has been written over the years about Jackie and Jack.

This new novel adds another layer to Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Most of this story takes place before Jackie meets John F. Kennedy.

Louis Bayard is an award winning novelist with many books under his belt. This new novel is well researched and presents us with yet another look into the sophisticated and wild world of the Kennedy family.

John F. Kennedy was not in the market for a bride. That is until his father reminded him that it would help his climb up the political ladder to the presidency, and, so, he decided Jackie would be the one. She had all the right assets. But he wasn’t quite ready…. Enter Lem Billings, Jack’s best friend. And, so, Lem becomes the “First Friend.”

An unlikely friendship, but Bayard fills this delightful novel with wit, laughter, and insight. I kept thinking of the photo on the front cover….

My physical review copy was provided by Algonquin Publishers in exchange for an honest review. A great new look inside the magical and challenging life of one of America’s most beloved women.

One thought on “Jackie & Me by Louis Bayard

  1. One more to add to my summer reading. Thanks for an interesting review that has sparked my interest as many others as wry!

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