Search For Treasure by Mary Alice Monroe and Angela May

Search For Treasure

I couldn’t be more excited about this sequel to THE ISLANDERS. We’re back on Dewees Island, just off the coast of Isle of Palm near Charleston, South Carolina.

Jake Potter is staying with his grandmother Honey once again. But, this time he’s got his dad with him. And Macon and Lovie are chomping at the bit to get the threesome back on the beach and involved with something new: a real life treasure they are determined to unearth.

Being on Dewees Island means being prepared to unplug, get back to basics and enter the wonderful world of nature.

Monroe and May have managed to include all manner of flora and fauna. Plus, as you can see, there is this huge and very famous alligator.

When two visiting boys act up and act out, the threesome have to deal with drama. And it’s a learning kind.

Mary Alice and Angela

I loved this second in the series and hope for more next summer.

Would be a great book to listen to as a family, possibly on vacation, roadtrip. It’s content is very safe and yet the story holds up wonderfully for all ages. I devoured my copy. I’m sure you’ll devours yours as well.

My physical review copy arrived from Aladdin Press, a division of Simon & Schuster, in exchange for an honest review. It’s wonderful. Loved it!

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