The Summer Place by Jennifer Weiner

The Summer Place

So much to love about a new Jennifer Weiner novel. First of all summer is right around the corner. Second is that you know Weiner is going to take you to the beach. And third is you are guaranteed a fabulous story that you will never forget!

Ruby is twenty-two years old. She fell in love during the pandemic and surprises her family by telling them that she is getting married. You can truly smell trouble brewing. Ruby hardly knows this young man. And we are already getting a feeling, and not good, that this could be a mistake. The big day is set for three months away and Ruby has asked her grandmother to have the ceremony at her beach house on the water. Veronica has made the decision that this wedding will be the last event at the beach as she is going to put the cottage up for sale.

We meet a very extended family who have grown to love one another over the years. Lots of issues, lots of drama. Sam and Sarah are twins. Grown now. Sarah is Ruby’s step mother and Sam lives in California as the story begins. He’s about to go through a very tumultuous experience which will change the dynamics of his life and shake him to his core.

Cape Cod is predominant in this quirky novel of summer. Weiner knows how to show us the real Cape. She is spot-on with sense of place. I look forward to her novels each year. Last year with THAT SUMMER she showed us how deep her writing can get. If you haven’t yet read it, it’s out now in trade paperback. Get a copy.

Jennifer Weiner

As the novel gallops along, the characters become more and more edgy. Secrets threaten to be revealed. After all, families are messy indeed!

I am already looking forward to next year’s Weiner novel.

My review copy was provided by the very generous publishing people at Simon and Schuster in exchange for an honest review. I would not miss anything by Jennifer Weiner. She never disappoints. I loved it!!

One thought on “The Summer Place by Jennifer Weiner

  1. Every time you review one of her books I say I am going to read her. Well, sad to say that I still haven’t. I’ve been so distracted with kid stuff. Hard to focus but a good beach read is just what the doc ordered.

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