Mustique Island by Sarah McCoy

The perfect book about the power of Motherhood! Happy Mother’s Day.

This cover gives you just a peek at the island of Mustique. What you can’t see are the people who dominate this story. This novel is peppered with rich and famous celebrities and royals. It reeks of excess and escapism. Mustique Island is one of the most secluded hideaways for people like Mick Jagger and was once the playground for Princess Margaret years ago. You can google it and see maps and read about the island. But, first, read this amazing novel.

Who is Willy May? Where is she from? How did she end up in England? You find out quickly who Willy May is. She was a very young Texas beauty queen when a rich royal discovered her while he visited the big state of Texas. Harry married Willy May at the local courthouse and took her home to meet the parents in England. Her parents told her good riddance. Her husband Harry had a title and parents with grand expectations for their boy. They did not take kindly to him bringing the American home. After many years and two daughters, they parted. Then he suddenly died and all bets were off.

Next we find Willy May landing on the shores of Mystique Island in the Caribbean. She’s brought along her luxury sailboat and is looking to purchase land and build a palatial home overlooking the pristine aqua waters. Paradise, surely. Everything is not as it seems. Trouble beckons. Love is in the air. And her adult daughters come home, one by one, to roost.

Mustique Island is a very real island tucked into the Caribbean. Hidden away so it is the ideal spot for celebrities to hide away. And, they did just that. Really. You really need to google it. This tropical paradise complete with star-dusted, pristine, white sand beaches is perfect. But like all perfect things it has its dark spots. What seems at first like a light beach read slowly becomes a more serious book showing how motherhood changes everything. Willy May and her two daughters reconnect on Mustique as they begin to get to know each other all over again. One family brought back together during a time of trauma.

Beautifully written with engaging characters and actual historical events that come together as if by magnets. A perfect pairing. I can’t think of a better novel than MUSTIQUE ISLAND to celebrate Mother’s Day.

My review copy was provided through Net Galley and Harper Collins Publishers. I read it digitally in exchange for an honest review. It’s perfect. You’ll love it! It will be on sale Tuesday, May 10th. Go buy one and maybe one for a friend as well.

Sarah McCoy

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