Marching Into May With Maurice

How the time does fly by. Wasn’t it just yesterday when it was April 1? Here in SW Florida we have finally begun getting our afternoon thunderstorms complete with rain! We have been in a drought for months so this is very appreciated. Some neighbors even admitted they had been doing the rain dance. Our new trees and rose bushes are very happy.

I’m very excited about all the wonderful books coming out for summer. I just finished WHAT HAPPENED TO THE BENNETT’S by Lisa Scottoline. I can’t say enough about how wonderful the book is. So compelling. You better start reading early in the day, put aside everything else, and be prepared to read non stop!

I’m checking my bookings for next season. Yes, clubs book a year in advance. Several new clubs this season. I love meeting new readers. I will be contacting the clubs who have not yet chosen their lecture date, soon. 

People are traveling again. They are so grateful to be able to do this. I see so many photos of smiling faces all over the world. Thank God for this. We have just booked a trip to one of our favorite spots: Asheville, North Carolina. Will be visiting the family and enjoying the mountains in summertime mode. Plus, there is at least one new Indy bookstore nearby that I am dying to visit. 

Deep orange rose from a new bush. It’s heavenly.

Presently working on my summer reading list. Will post it soon. There will be plenty of wonderful books for summer.

Just out today is Mary Kay Andrews new novel, THE HOMEWRECKERS. Don’t miss it!

One thought on “Marching Into May With Maurice

  1. So love reading all your book pics. Have been following you forever. Live in Englewood…. Seasonal. My first when I return this fall….a visit to Punta Gorda!!! Anticipating your summer reading list. Just read, “Riverman,” seldom read non-fiction….the story compelling. Suki wilson.

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