The Homewreckers by Mary Kay Andrews

The Homewreckers

Mary Kay Andrews is back with a delightful murder/mystery- summer beach read! The setting is American exotic: the beaches off the coast of gorgeous Savannah, Georgia. The main character is witty, smart, determined, and charismatic.

Hattie Kavanaugh married her childhood sweetheart and went to work at his family business, Kavanaugh & Sons. She learned home renovation from the ground up. Sadly, she was widowed when her husband was killed in a tragic motorcycle accident when she was twenty-five. Brokenhearted and yet determined to make the best of her life, she uses the insurance money to buy a historical home and redo it. And so it began.

When Hattie’s business turns sour she unwillingly accepts a job as the reality star of a new TV show. She’s about to do a total renovation on a falling-down beach house. Little does she know she is also going to be subjected to an egotistical co-host and expected to fake a love interest. Oh boy. But wait a minute. We find out that years earlier a beloved school teacher went missing, her body not yet found. No clues. When a dead body is found on the property of the set, you can only imagine the drama. Mystery and mahem, murder and romance. This novel has it all!

Mary Kay Andrews walks the walk and talks the talk. She loves home renovation and is excellent at it, herself. She’s written dozens of best-selling novels over the years and this just might be the best yet.

My review copy arrived from St. Martin’s publishing in exchange for an honest review. Honestly, it’s superb! A summer read you have to have!

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