The Good Left Undone by Adriana Trigiani

This beautiful photo is taken high up on the side of a mountain in Coastal Italy. The small village of Viareggio is the stunning setting for a good part of this new novel by master writer Adriana Trigiani. This village is home to a family of Tuscan artisans with long-held secrets. You are about to enter their world.

The matriarch is Matelda who just turned 81 and is offering her granddaughter Anina her jewelry box. It’s a long-held tradition in their family for the bride- to- be to choose a significant piece of the family gems. When Anina chooses a jewel-encrusted watch, we find Matelda is not ready to let go of it yet. This leads to a Pandora Box of secrets and questions. And now let the stories begin.

This epic love story is multigenerational and sweeping as it pounds across the Italian coast, drops feet into Southern France, and then lands in war- torn Liverpool. And the comes Scotland and a story the family finds is shocking and untold.

Adriana Trigiani knows how to tell stories. She’s especially good at stories that dip into the Italian landscape. She writes about family with precision and love. And she brings feelings to the surface that are sometimes hidden and often difficult.

You will quickly immerse yourself in this historical novel. It slowly opens to show you the sweet spot like a lovely and complicated rose revealing its inner bud.

My review copy of THE GOOD LEFT UNDONE by Adriana Trigiani was provided by the wonderful publisher people at Dutton, a division of Penguin Random House in exchange for an honest review. It’s wonderful. Cheers!

Adriana Trigiani

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