The Master Craftsman by Kelli Stuart

The Master Craftsman

Russia is certainly in the news each and every day. And not in a good way. Then along comes this powerful new novel set during the Russian Revolution in 1917, the fall of the Romanovs, and the Imperial world of Fabergé and his majestic and wildly famous eggs.

This wonderful novel goes back and forth in time as we meet Ava and her dying father. They’ve never been close. He left her mother and her many years ago to follow is passion: treasure hunting. And, now, on his death bed, he has a proposal for Ava. He is asking her to find an Imperial egg, one that no one knows exists. And our story takes on a life of its own and a journey of a lifetime.

I knew so little about Fabergé and was totally fascinated to learn about this world. What a ride. A colorful and insightful drama that kept me guessing page after page.

My finished copy for review came from Baker Publishing in exchange for an honest review. It’s simply wonderful.

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