The Paris Bookseller by Kerri Maher

The Paris Bookseller

This cover is a photo of the original SHAKESPEARE AND COMPANY bookstore in Paris. The woman in the picture is Sylvia Beach who founded the store in the early 1920’s. She’s joined by her little dog

The moment I heard this book was coming down the book pike, my heart began pounding. Then I felt a bit nervous, fearing it might be too light. Well, folks, I’m here to tell you that it’s all I hoped for and much, much more. It’s so exciting to come across a book like this. For book lovers it’s got it all. For people who love to read about Paris, you are going to love it. And if you love everything about Paris in the twenties, you are going to lose your mind. It’s sophisticated. It’s got a fabulous back story. Most of the characters you will know, or at least have heard of. I folded myself into this book like disappearing into a favorite comfy chair.

Did you love the movie, MIDNIGHT IN PARIS? I sure did. Have watched it numerous times. Never get tired of it. All those quirky characters show up in this new novel. But Maher has gone deep and shows us sides of them that we never knew. She’s also managed to show us how difficult it was to publish a book in Paris that had been banned in other countries. And all this coming up onto World War Two. This story is before the war.

Disappear into the magical book world of SHAKESPEARE AND COMPANY in Paris!

The relationships Sylvia has with all the famous and not yet famous authors of that time are brought so to life. I truly had to pinch myself at times to bring myself back into the here and now. Her troubled relationship with James Joyce gives us such insight. And the love readers and writers had for Beach was total. And they were all so thankful for what she did bringing an English language bookshop into Paris.

There’s also another very special story to this book. A love story between Sylvia and Adrienne. Two strong women, both owned bookstores in Paris, partnering in life and work. Everyone loved them.

THE PARIS BOOKSELLER opens in 1917, as World War 1 ends and Paris is alive as a thriving center of culture and modernity. With new ideas rapidly taking the post-war world by storm, Sylvia Beach moes to Paris and opens the doors to her new English-language bookshop with the help of fellow writer and bookseller Adrienne Monnier. What starts as a partnership and friendship with Adrienne soon blossoms into a romance, and the women work together to create a haven for English writers and readers.

I loved THE PARIS BOOKSELLER. My gorgeous finished copy of THE PARIS BOOKSELLER by Kerri Maher was generously provided by Berkley, an imprint of Penguin Random House, in exchange for an honest review. I truly believe this is going to be one of the top novels of this season and beyond.

Kerri Maher

Kerri Maher is the best selling author of novels: THE KENNEDY DEBUTANTE and THE GIRL IN WHITE GLOVES.

2 thoughts on “The Paris Bookseller by Kerri Maher

  1. What a wonderful way to start the year with your exciting book review. I love Midnight In Paris and just rewatched it last week so I am all in for this book. Thank you Jean!

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