A New Year

It is a new year. I know it is. But with the omicron variation of the virus spiking all over the country, well, it doesn’t feel any different yet.

We spent New Year’s Eve as we always do; together at home with a nice meal and some champagne. It was quiet. Not too many pesky fireworks in our neighborhood, thank God. Everyone around us has pets we must respect that. We were grateful.

I’ve been reading voraciously and preparing for upcoming in person book events. I’ve been checking in with clubs that are booked for this month. So far, everyone is on board. However, I know that can change, and quickly. Just yesterday one of my largest clubs had to postpone their book talk until later in the season because of the uptick of the virus. I am hoping we can reschedule for sometime in March when surely it will seem safer. People are nervous. Even those who are fully vaccinated and boosted are edgy. Too much risk. My husband and I are both fully vaccinated and boosted. I am confidant that any clubs who are nervous now can reschedule… We can do this.

On a high note, I was thrilled yesterday when Reese announced HONOR by Thrity Umrigar was her January pick for book club. I had been told by my publishing contact at Algonquin that this book was going to be announced in a big way. And, he was right. He was sworn to secrecy so he could not tell me any more. But I guessed it would be a bookclub pick.


You simply must read HONOR. It is so important and so wonderful. It does give us insight into what is still happening in this day and age. So much just has not changed in the world.

Right now, I’m reading THE CHRISTIE AFFAIR by Nina De Gramont. It’s exciting. I was skeptical since another novel was written about Agatha Christie’s mysterious disappearance. However, it grabbed me from the first page. Review to come closer to pub date, February 1.

The Christie Affair

I made us a big pot of black eyed peas and collard greens for New Year’s day for good luck. Let’s hope it works. We all can use all the good luck we can get.

I wish you all a Happy New Year and a year filled with wonderful books for reading. I know I have stacks of good books to recommend this coming year. After all, I’m already reading ahead to summer. Crazy stuff.


2 thoughts on “A New Year

  1. Yesterday evening I watched a zoom interview with Thrity Umrigar from Politics and Prose in DC. Oh, my, it sounds wonderful. A great book club choice. Omicron has certainly put a dent in the optimistic feelings we all had about 2022 but we, too, had black eyed peas and greens for luck on the first. Hoping it will work. Have a great year and keep writing!

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