The Hunting Season by Tom Benjamin

The Hunting Season

THE HUNTING SEASON follows on the tail of Benjamin’s first mystery, A QUIET DEATH IN ITALY. We were introduced to Daniel Leicester who is an English detective now living in Bologna. Through his eyes we discovered the atmospheric Italian city riddled in mystery and death. Now comes THE HUNTING SEASON and another murder mystery, this one loaded with exotic food.

I love reading books that sweep me away from everyday life. And I love Italy. Little has been written about Bologna so there is much to learn. The food, the people, and the dark underside are all fleshed out in a compelling story that puts our protagonist deep in the thick of it.

One of the best parts of traveling is discovering the food of each region. Here in Bologna, the hunt is on for the very elusive and legendary Boscuri White, a truffle that is priceless. And the guy who is searching for it is an American truffle supertaster who goes missing. So Daniel is on the hunt for Ryan Lee.

This is almost like reading travel writing. You get all the scents, tastes, and scenery, but from the comfort of your home. A book like this offers a getaway. And we can all use a getaway after our long pandemic stay-at-home time.

You’ll quickly find yourself walking the shadowy porticoes of Bologna in Daniel’s footsteps as you find yourself drawn deeper and deeper into the story. Will you be able to solve the mystery?

My review copies of both books arrived via Constable Publishing through Emily Keough Publicity in exchange for an honest review. They’re keepers and will make great gifts for the mystery lovers on your list!

Tom Benjamin grew up in London and began his working life as a reporter before becoming a spokesman for Scotland Yard. He now lives in Bologna, Italy.

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