The Ballerinas by Rachel Kapelke-Dale

The Ballerinas

A gorgeous cover. Gives you a pretty good idea what the novel is about. But, does it really? Well, yes, the story is definitely all about ballet. In this case the ballet is in Paris and it’s the Paris Opera Ballet. Very prodigious and only the cream of the crop actually move up into star category. This is not your usual depiction of Paris. Nothing bright and shiny here. This is a dark and dangerous journey behind the scenes of three young women who have been ballerinas since childhood. It’s down and dirty. You are shown the “other” side of this dance.

The story begins when Delphine who is the daughter of one of the most famous ballerinas of all time, returns to Paris to be a choreographer after spending many years in St. Petersburg, Russia. Why did she leave in the first place? Her two friends who she has not seen in all those years are still dancing in the POB even though with their advancing age, they are past the peak of their careers. What happened to keep them apart. It’s a huge mystery and you will be blowing through those pages to get to the meat.

I took years of ballet as a young girl. But I only have a hint of an idea what it would be like to be on your toes for hours each day, ruining your feet. Actually crippling yourself. It takes a very dedicated and special dancer to make it to the top. It almost wore me out at times.

This book is being marketed as a thriller. I would not go that far but, it is definitely a mystery. It’s unique and it’s dark.

Rachel Kapelke-Dale spent years studying ballet so she knows of what she writes. She now lives in Paris.

Rachel Kapelke- Dale

My review copy was provided by St. Martin’s press in exchange for an honest review. It’s a complicated story of relationships between women and women and their mothers. And the cover is lovely.

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